Now, I need to drink some dietary tea..LOL

Yeah i must say that i need to drink some good well effected dietary tea(as early as now) that is available on the market  nowadays because christmas and parties are now coming over to my way and the bad thing is i cant help it because its part on our culture..LOL and i know rather im pretty sure that when the month of December is here already a lot of foods will be made and i know we cant stop our selves to taste or eat a bunch of it.LOs

Now Ive been remembered  last december 2009 which can gained much weight on me because i wasn’t have this discipline on me but now i got it already and promise to my self that ill just taste what mother will cook then, hopefully i can, now as for today my gained weight last year was indeed burned out but i need to work out a little bit more to get it back on the real me, i think on this post i can make my self funny, what do you think? LOL because me personally im asking my self why do i have to tell you these such more personal matter..ahah ok  i think this enough though and let see as the parties and christmas done on how i weighting then, no worries ill make you updated on this issue,thanks a lot and have a blessed holidays to you all.

what come first? welcome note or the eon card it self?

I blogged about my eon card application recently to this blog and yeah there’s a new update on my application as i called the union bank in second times, yeah this was my second call to them and sorry if i dont blogged my first call about my eon application on this blog because i did published it on my other blog that you can read over here..ok i called them twice because i want to clarify things out about the welcome note or letter that they often asked me as i call them, my goodness what this letter for? could you please tell me? i tried to ask them(union bank) on what this welcome letter all about but yet still they dont explain it out to me and on the other hand my phone was hang up then because my phone load was rapidly going down because they have this an line land for customer assistants, my goodness why they did told me that i need to call them first to verify if my card(eon card) was available to pick up then  and here they’re keeping telling me about the welcome letter..LOL

ok im quite confuse now which goes first? the card or the letter? well i think i need to go on the bank and ask them personally about this because i really need to have my card and make a withdraw out of it..ok ill make you updated on this application, thats it for now and thanks a lot

My First Webcam Picture!

Im not really a camera person but i do shots some randomly as i feel i like it,LOL yeah i just tried our lap top built in camera to take this picture  because its been quite a while when we use the camera then because im just using this lappy for blogging and not sure if the camera is still working thats why im tried it out..LOL so how’s it? i think the camera is pretty well working but i think the person who’ve been taken was indeed miserable and horrible, yeeah thats me of course..ahha ok thats it for now and sorry for the shortness of this post , no worries ill blog something informative soon and i hope you could check on them as they been posted soon..ok im talking quite long now,thanks and have a great day everyone..

Back On Track!

Ive been too busy these passed few weeks ago because i need to built up my other new set of blogs who really need these  bunch of posts and quite backlinks then around Google, thats why i cant do any link building using this blog and i hope rather i really promised that since today ill make my very best effort again to get this blog linked out to those well ranked blogs around Google so that when Google will be updating our page rank soon( as ive heard this end of the month) i can have mine and use it to have a better earnings then..LOL

Now i starting to gather those list of blogs who can help me to get this stuff happen and of course linking out to them after, so yeah ill definitely back on the track now and now  i hope this will go smoothly and perfectly on my end, by the way if you want to do the same thing like what I’ll be planning off , i think you need to consider the for that because there was a lot of well ranked blogs there who can bring you in the places that you wanted as you have this dedication and perseverance to make it happen, ok i made this long now, thanks a lot and soon ill update my application on my eon card so please do wait for it..

Wow,Google Adsense has a new Interface

I’m not often use my adsense ads to this blog and even on my other blogs but i do use it on my one blog instead because im still experimenting the program though, but i think the adsense not suited on what im doing here because my readers wants a clean blog i believed(even me) and keep this blog load too past then. because there was another studies by the other professional bloggers that adsense ads was indeed make a site load quite slow on the certain blog.. but personally  i cannot proven on that yet, just want to make sure though, thats why i dont put any ads here because i dont wanna take any risk on this personal blog of mine, i hope Google will understand me..LOL

Yeah even though i dont often use the ads here but still yet i do open my adsense account for the update on my earning to my one blog who has it, and one thing that ive been noticed with as i checked my account a while ago which the new interface of the adsense, i think google makes a great job on this because its indeed easier for me to navigate and check my earnings though because the pages was great located on the sidebar, and i think adsense new interface is quite has resemblance on the adword, what do you think?

Done applying for eon card(Union Bank)

Indeed hilarious on my end that i was blogging about on how to verify your paypal account way back time thats under my archive  but the real is i wasn’t have the card(eon card) already that i was blogging about,LOL yeah so i might have this first so that i can give the full details and step by step procedure on how you’ll get your own eon card, yeah yesterday i went on the nearest union bank here at my place and what i have in me is these 2 valid ids and for assurances i brings my sss number along my TIN number as well because i heard that some union bank(its depend on the certain bank protocol) they might ask these numbers for your application, and as i applying, they just asked me to xerox out my 2 valid ids then fill up the form which you’ll need to write down your basic information then, after that the teller told me that i need to call them after a week and ask them if the card was already for pick up then and payment was made as you get your card as long the partial deposit which can be use to link the card on your paypal account, so now i need to wait 3 days more before i can get my card and as i got it and linked the card already ill definitely blog about it so that you may know on what should you do on how you can linking out your card as  you consider the same card that i was getting off now.. ok thats it for now and do checkout the update as i got my card then.thanks a lot

Let me tell you!

been upgraded my hosting yesterday thats why you’ve seen some problem on this blog last day but its ok though because now this blog has a great server who can gives the speed that you all wanted and yeah its indeed hurts on my pocket then because the new hosting is quite expensive than the old ones and i hope this server keep the convenience that i was feeling right now, so yeah thats it for now and sorry for the shortness of this entry but no worries after this posted ill be posting another one which can tackle about my paypal and eon card..thanks a lot

Dont envy me..^_^

Yes, i know there’s few people out there who are quite envies on me but in the good way though, why? because they keep on asking me on how i can able to update all of my blogs then and tell me that i was good on my blogging stuff who keeps me feel pleasure by the way, (wait,people admits that they were envies), but you know you can might do the same thing like what im doing because i just had this positive thinking which can push me through to update my bunch of blogs almost everyday and i hope being a positive thinker can brings me though to the places that ill be aiming to get through on this online activities that i was working out, becuase right now this blog is not really generating me any amount of money though so please dont get envy on me becuase i was the one who really envies you..LOL yeah im quite envies then to those great bloggers who made their blogging life easier by simply earning through their blog, so yeah dont ever envy on what im doing here ok, thats it for now and yeah thanks a lot..:)

Family picture!

Im envies to those people rather families who had their own family picture with them because us(family) we haven’t any pictures that we are all taken as a family, to the sense that where just 4 in the group but still yet we dont have any,LOL though we’re pretty bonded to each other but  we’re not often and use to take a picture as a family and i really dont know what is the reason why, yeah we had a camera but we’ll  just using it to capture other people happiness moments like relatives and friends and i think we’re just like that and i hope soon we can have our own family picture then and me personally ill definitely work on that as i wanted to have our own family picture that is hang up on the guest hall way on our house,LOL i think i made this as i big deal on me and i know as my family read this they just laugh at me and maybe tell me that i was a pretty nuts..hahaha ok enough, and thanks a lot by always dropping by to read this kinda  post of mine.