Im tired I think!

Yeah, i think i was indeed tired now by doing these stuff so often, how often? almost every minute a day and i was referring by promoting this blog out through all of my known forums and any social networking sites, Actually as i blogger. if i dont intended to earn some bunch of pennies along my way then, i really dont have to do these, i mean tiring things because i can leave my poor blog stat hang up on the Google search and i dont even need to get as much traffic that i wanted as i blog this out for nothing but thats is not my aim to this blog because i was aiming to earn big bucks just to support my self alone to this daily living because i think i need to be independent now and sooner ill be considering living on the place that is indeed far on my adept lifestyle and let see on what gonna happen as i may go into the point in time, but now lemme first stint to hard using this blog and earn as much the high amount that i could possible earn through this blog. quite stress on my end but its ok though because if you dont plan any,you cant harvest any right? wait is that the right myth on that?LOL leave it please, sometimes rather most of the time i can really make my own myth out of it beside this was my own place and i can say what ever things that i wanna say right? so yeah i think thats it for now and ill make you updated regarding this nuts plan of mine soon,thanks a lot folks!

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