I want the ipad2

I blogged before on this blog that I finally bought my first Ipad which the old and first Ipad released by the Apple company in US. However, due of the competition to the other brand of tablet computers, Apple released this ipad2 on the market that has this well developed featured than the first one, that’s why then I was quite insistently now to have it the ipad2 instead. To the sense that Ive been bought my ipad last 3 months ago and now its quite out to the hip? What the heck,right? Anyways, that’s life then..haaah I just hope now that I may buy this ipad2 rather I will wait on the ipad3 to be available on the market and buy it so. Hopefully I may have enough money though by that time. Let see, I will update you on this blog once I got my new ipad tablet computer.

Meanwhile, lemme finish this post and give way for my other blog to get updated becuase its been a long time then when I last time visited them and updated. LOL I hope Google wouldn’t penalized me so.

I’m not so techie guy

I used to work as an blogger and even a ghost writer on my US based clients that I cant tell over this blog, with that I really sorry.LOL Anyways, These days a lot of new trend,products,gadgets and a lot of are simultaneously came out on the market that’s why I cant follow them all out and let them try if I able so. Okay, have you heard about the Ordinateurs? Actually this was my first then to heard about this product that’s why I don’t have enough thoughts about it, However, I’ll be then check this on Google and let see if I’ll consider it to have it on my hand soon enough. Hopefully yeah as this product got these awesomeness features that I looking for. Okay, I will update you soon I decided to buy or not this awesome heard product.

I love Sony brand for camera

We all know that I really amazed on what Sony can do in terms on pictures. Yeah! I admit I really loved these sony cameras, I mean any cameras that is made by Sony because Sony had this great feature on each of their cameras that I really liked about. Like for example my 500D slr, the camera was really great because I can take a picture even on the far distance that I mostly amazed on the camera.LOL and not just that, because you can actually take an video through it not like on the other brand that has this picture only feature and video is not included at all which the advantage of Sony so far. So if I were you, I’ll buy any cameras to the brand as you wanted to have this high in quality of pictures that I know most of you folks are looking forward too.right? so yeah! that’s it for now and I will blog another sony camera soon I bought the other digicam that I was planning to buy on the brand store.

Canon Poweshot D10 (Underwater Camera)

I am a fan of cameras since I bought my very own D500 DSRL through my online earnings. And now Spring has been started and we all know that people are having fun into the beaches they want too and as a part of it, pictures are the great memories of the family get together, right? that’s why I am thinking of today if I were consider this canon powershot D10 soon as we go on to the beach, becuase I want to have an pictures of my self underwater that my DSRL cannot cover it.

Let see as I got my money, will definitely get one of this kind. Though others want the Nikon brands but yet still I am thinking of if I’ll go with Nikon instead. Or will stick on Canon.

Big Bang and Nikon

This poster photo was shared by a friend on Facebook, though I knew it already that the boy K pop group Big bang and all YG Entertainment family where this guys under, I mean the agency was all endorser by the Nikon.

I love cameras and as I blogged and published one post recently that Ive been bought my DSLR camera which the canon 500D one thing that I was looking forward too, is to have my own photography and fashion site. Sounds interesting right? but I am still thinking if I will buy one Nikon camera to use to, instead of my canon 500d, becuase a lot of people are saying that the Nikon has a great quality of shot than the canon but on the other hand canon has also another ability that the Nikon haven’t. I am still thinking though if I will push my self out to buy my Nikon camera since my idols was the endorsers of it.LOL Let me think. Alright, that’s it for now and let me update this again once I have my decision then. Thanks

I’m ready for summer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yeah, I am indeed ready for this summer season. Look, I got quite bunch of sunglasses here, ray ban is the best brand of sunglasses for me though because it is look good on me as I wear any of their shades designs. okay, I think I have to  share some of my photos here, wearing this ray ban eyewear rather on my photography blog pretty soon as I got some time then. Or better yet if I went in any resort that I was planning of to have my photoshoot.

By the way these sunglasses was bought on my trusted online store that’s cost me $$$ sorry I dont want to tell you on how much did I spent for these 11 ray ban glasses.haha


Wow, that’s the only word that I can say when I heard that Apple will release  another version of the first Apple Ipad. And yeah, they did released the Ipad 2 that we can actually buy now on the market nowadays, Actually I got an Ipad but the first version one and yet still, I look forward that someday I can also have this Ipad 2 with me then, why? because this version was totally awesome indeed. To the sense that Ipad 2 has a built in camera and its quite tinnier and lighter  than on the first version one, that’s why I’m truly so envy to those people who had this Ipad2 at this  moment and too bad on me then, because I cant change my old version of Ipad as for now because my Ipad was pretty new buys.

Independence day inspired shoes, the Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium

Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium

Yeah My goodness, Nike launched a new shoes design last July 4th while other celebrating the independence day .. i think this was the great concept that Nike been made ever because the shoes design is every unique and its signified  for being nationalistic that other will love to have because they’re seeking for those things like that..and me personally if i have enough money though, ill surely buy em because i find it awesome ..my God look at that design is so amazingly indeed..:) by the way this post is not a advertiser or any paid post or what,,i just blog it because id like it..lol and in hoping that Nike would read about  this post and sponsor me any shoe that they love to given  me in case..hahaha peace out

Sorry if i don’t have enough info about the shoes but I’m pretty sure  Google can help you to find the full details about it and where the place you can buy this ..:) wink2

I want a Ipod touch…lol

Apple Ipod Touch

LOL, here we go again, i am posting some of my wish list once again and i hope by this time i can be able to buy this apple ipod touch (mygoodness),lol because ive been quite untruthful lately on my passed post of wish list? what do you think? anyaways by this time ill promise to my self that ill be more stint in what i spend so that one day i can show to guys that everything that i been posted here is becoming for real, real that i fulfilled things  i want,lol

Actually i can buy this awesome ipod to the help of my parents but still i dont want them to spend because i just want  to buy it my own money that i probably earn to this blog so that i can feel the rewarding feelings right after i bought it..i really hope so,,lol thats it for now and let see after a couple of months if i materialize this wish list of mine..thanks

Next on the Line,the Iwatch?


We all know that apple is always using the letter I for their products nowadays, but i dont get the point why people are so imaginative and hoping that one day apple will make such Iwatches product to sell with on market?, actually i got amazed who’s guy behind this idea(s) however people are doubting about this concept because with some reason, first of their concern was who actually want’s to talk to your wrist? they said and its look dumb right? so what do think do apple consider this ? by the way the concept of this iwatches is like a computer as well you can connect on computer and even in a iphone using bluetooth and its has also a pico projector for beaming photos and video sounds, but i think it doesn’t appeal on people right now, so let us leave this for a while and let see along the way..lol