TheNextDoor 2012 Spring Summer “Les Habitues” Lookbook




I simply liked these collection from the brand TheNextDoor, wait do lookbook thing is also an collection? doesn’t know..LOL bear with me then..hahaha Anyway, I just hooked myself out in to these pieces because this was my style, these really speaks on me, on what statement(s) I want and what the most pieces I’d like to wear of. That’s why, I am so pleased to post up this TheNextDoor lookbook on this blog though this was then a first time for me to heard about the brand names..hehehe

These pieces are indeed perfect for this spring summer season, because of the colors used and at the statement(s) itself. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope I may update you further information about this awesome brand, TheNextDoor, lookbook pieces soon. No worries, will work hard to find the important details about this..LOL like the pricing and where we could buy these pieces. So – please keep on checking back for more updates.. 🙂

Christmas Deals on

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On my very recent post, I’ve been told you about the one site that’s gives some great deals using an voucher codes and stuff. And now, I was about again to tell you this site,, same company that gives awesome deals for everyday living. This kind of site is really helpful for us all because we can get all we needs not just on the very reasonable prices but also in same quality that has on the regular prices of product, no doubt, that’s why this voucher site is now gaining of attention to talk about in social media sites these days often. Such as, Facebook,twitter, and even on tumblr. Really great!

Christmas is near approaching. And I know most of you folks are getting ready on what gifts should you give on your love ones and each member of the family,right? no worries, because vouchers is also a great way to give on the person you’d wanted to receive a present from you, I think this was the great gift for the Christmas, isn’t it?


Great deals @

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I am quite envy to those people who are based in US, because they were now have this back Friday sale at the moment as they celebrating the thanksgiving day. I think, black Friday was the early Christmas shopping sales. Kudos to US!

But I just realized that there’s nothing to get envy at all. Because they are some discount vouchers that we could easily avail from, the number one voucher provider in the UK, lucky you as you based on the country. This website business is dealing to those tons of companies just to give as all a very reasonable services and items and all things you needed, that is actually an everyday sale as you purchase an vouchers on this site. Awesome,right? And the other good things was, some of the vouchers available on the site are truly in sale, to the sense the you may get your item(s) ( and anything it was) for even more than a half from the original price. 🙂

Actually, I used to buy some vouchers as well because this was I think a very practical to do as you eager to have some products in you. And even some travel deals are can be buy on this site,, Just want you to know. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope I can help you a bit to find the great deals in town. 🙂

I want the Christian Louboutin sneakers

Yeah right, I love to have any of these 2 shoes right here which actually had an brand name of Christian Louboutin, who doesn’t by the way? I am a fan of the brand name actually because mostly celeb are wearing their own already and I think this was the hippest brand of shoes nowadays on the market that all people are looking forward to have with, right? but I think I cant have any of this brand because this brand name is indeed expensive to have with, my goodness on each of their shoes are ranging about 700-1200 usd in any pair for men’s sneakers shoes.

I want an Ipad!

Who wants Ipad? I know, you are raising your hand too, like i do right now, yeah i am aiming to have at least the cheapest ipad that i could buy, but yet still i need to consider my budget though, i hope i can buy one soon, and i need brand new not those second handed  that might has some malfunctioning parts. Anyways, what is my main reason, why i needed it? Actually i have this lap top already that my sister bought to me, but i need something handy computer that can i bring everywhere i go with, of course i use to often check my account for some update on my clients and all that, and yeah, I think Ipad is the best gadget for me to use to.what do you think?LOL ok im talking nonsense again, bear with it, so yeah, i have to go now and ill definitely update this as i bought my wanting Ipad with me.Thanks!

I Want D3000 Nikon

nikon d3000 Pictures, Images and Photos

So ok, let me post another frustration on mine once again, that will be added on my wishlist category that Ive been forgotten to update in quite awhile, yeah as you read the title on this post that i was wanting and frustrating even stress is going through, just to have this Nikon brand D3000 because i know a blogger like me must have any one of these awesomely cameras that is called DLSR but nikon is the best one for me thats why i love this though i am not a photographer or either has a background holding this camera but still i am hungry to have it so, because i know having this camera along my way i mean on my blogging activities this might help me to take me places, as i see it like that, but im just hinting on

Ok, the best thing that i would do now is to save my online earnings ,then if my money is well enough, ok ill definitely treat my self out by having this Nikon please wish me luck on this and as much i can get this, of course i will do an update to you on this blog and i hope thats happen so soon..ok thats it for now and thanks for reading this nonsense bye and have a great day ahead

My Dream Car..:)

I think all men out there are dreaming to have this Honda Civic because having on it . its like you are the king of the road on my opinion, but i dunno if you feel the same thing just lemme feel in that way please..LOL anyways having a car is quite difficult nowadays because you have to consider things out like the head gasket and also the maintenance for it and i must suggest that if you are in L.A you must have to check the Los Angeles auto repair because as i know that place has great services to this kind of car..why i know? because most of mah friends and relatives are in there and they keep on telling that how convenience they  are you also looking forward to have this kind of car? definitely yeah right? LOL because i felt the same thing and quite sometimes i got envy to those people who have it already but its ok then because this was a great inspiration to me now to work hard for it and have my own soon..:)

I want a Ipod touch…lol

Apple Ipod Touch

LOL, here we go again, i am posting some of my wish list once again and i hope by this time i can be able to buy this apple ipod touch (mygoodness),lol because ive been quite untruthful lately on my passed post of wish list? what do you think? anyaways by this time ill promise to my self that ill be more stint in what i spend so that one day i can show to guys that everything that i been posted here is becoming for real, real that i fulfilled things  i want,lol

Actually i can buy this awesome ipod to the help of my parents but still i dont want them to spend because i just want  to buy it my own money that i probably earn to this blog so that i can feel the rewarding feelings right after i bought it..i really hope so,,lol thats it for now and let see after a couple of months if i materialize this wish list of mine..thanks

Please Sponsor Me an Apple

Apple Ipad

I cant help my self to get jealous into those people you have this freakkin awesome ipad  because right now i quite frustrated to have this for real, i can live without my phone, branded clothes and even money0f course  accept my computer because i have to update my online activities  24/7 with some stuff that i have to do everyday thats why ill consider my self to have this gorgeous  Apple Ipad so that i can connect any/everywhere i am, though i have this lap top with me but  ipad is can easily to carry on than a lap top that’s why i want this so badly, can you please gimme one? can you? lol anyways as i posted it here on my wish list, i hope sooner i can be able to buy this on my own money through my hard works online..please wish me luck..:))

Shoes with wings, The Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes

Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes
Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes

this was a great shoes indeed Ive ever seen in my life, who doesn’t? because this not the usual shoes that we worn, right ?and i know a lot of guys out there are dying to have at least of this kind and please count me in, lol by the way there’s a gold like this , that is awesome as well and thanks god to Adidas for making these shoes named Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes, i hope i can have this soon as a earn on this blog, (cross fingered ) lol