I heard recently that Bench is organizing a fashion event that most people are waiting for, because bench only makes this hotness underwear fashion show in every 2 years after the last event happened but i wasn’t known that the said event was done indeed..hahaha maybe i have to give my self a break just to watch television more often so that i can be updated always in whats happenin in our local showbizness and such thing.. but i would like to thank Youtube for always be there to update me in what Ive been missed..ahah and now i can evenly watch the behind the scene of the event

Yeah, the bench underwear fashion show was cast of a bunch of celebrities that bench endorsing for the quite long diether ocampo, kristine hermosa and many the videos that i found below

You can find more clip videos on youtube..i hope you’ll enjoying your self watching though its on youtube..;)