$10,000 Danhov Designer Engagement Ring Giveaway Winner Announced

Award-winning jewelry designer Danhov is pleased to announce that they have selected a winner for their Facebook engagement ring giveaway. The winner is Krista M. from Statesboro, Ga. She entered the contest and was randomly selected. The contest had been running for the last two months.

Krista will receive an Abbraccio award-winning designer engagement ring valued at $10,000. The Abbraccio engagement ring can be described as a swirl that encapsulates a diamond, symbolizing eternal love. “Throughout the contest, we received such great feedback on our rings, and we are so glad one of our fans won,” says Khajag “Jack” Hovsepian, founder of Danhov. “We couldn’t be happier for Krista.”



Tattoos are also way or form of fashion today. Because these form of arts are can be really gives some accents to your total outfits. Yeah! that’s true, believed me, and even models are considering these tattoos  as are their accessories and self fashion statement. I think, fashion evolved through years and it would more openly in some other things like on this tattoo.

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Duncan yoyo


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Personalized gifts for moms


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Clae Kicks



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Nerdy glasses


While I was roaming in the web awhile ago, this photo of Joe Jonas, Jonas Brother band, is randomly shown on the searched bar that can really caught my attention. Because look, he’s look too dope on here and still the swag has it on becuase of the nerdy glasses he had. Though, he had this geek type statement. but yet, he bring the punky swag on..hehe

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Colored Suits


As this season, summer, comes. I know most of you are looking with some pieces that can make dope on you and can rocking your way on. And I think, as you have to attend some formal gatherings, events and even manufactured homes for sale meetings, colored suits are the one you must to be wear off. Because this kind of wear or statements are the one in trends on this summer 2012.

Studded Jackets


Today, Ive noticed most celebrities are often wearing these studded and switchplates metal pieces that are look so dope to them, isn’t it? that’s why maybe, these kind of pieces are the one in trends on today’s fashion market. Becuase look, this pretty quirky that most people wants to be wear off.. And even me, I wanted to have these pieces that has studded as an piece’s accent.