WIN Final Battle – Just Another Boy – Team B

I am not musically incline nor often listen in any sorts of songs. However, lately in any unexplainable reason I just found myself liking some Kpop songs and Performances. I dunno, it’s like Kpop songs and musics are fun to watch and listen too more, than to the usual local songs I’d often heard. Kpop songs are catchy too, I must say.

Recently, while I’m on YouTube this performance video of Team B (Just Another Boy) of WIN had popped at the first page of the said video sharing site and yeah! I give it a try to listen and check what goes around in it why most people are fond of listening on it often. And Yeah! musics has something to it like they putted some best fusion fx bar 5 in the music itself which can make people craze with it. I dunno, I really cant explain how am hooked up with it now..hheheh

Anyway, enjoy the Just Another Boy song performed by Team B at the top and let me know if you do enjoyed it, too.

“WIN” Who Is the Next? Final Battle Team B Last Stage Prod Act

First and Foremost, I dunno the title of the song they did sang here. I just found it interesting that’s why I decided though to include or to post it up in here. hehehe I know, most Kpop Fans out there are more in to this Battle show called “WIN” where YG trainees, separately in 2 teams – Team A and B, are have to battle till the end for them to be called as the ultimate winners and had a chance then to be debuted under the YG entertainment.

And yeah! the show is now ended and Team A wins and enjoying their gold cross. I dont know what’s gonna happen next to Team B might YG retain them as trainees then debut them months or years later as always YG did to their artists. Or might also YG changed plans for creating another set of artists and sorts for them, Team B, to be separated, I dunno! hehe but anyway let us just enjoy this last prod act of Team B where all emotions were poured in which made a lot of people moved and touched on this performance alone. Still Kudos for Team B for all the awesome performances they did for the entire competition.

G-Dragon wearin’ Thom Browne


G-Dragon wearin’ Thom Browne


Thom Browne’s Fall 2012 Menswear Collection

G-dragon, the leader of the all boy kpop group called big bang, had spotted wearing the one of the leading fashion brands today which the Thom Browne. Actually, he just rockin’ on the studded jacket like what you are seeing on the top photo. And I must say, the piece suited to him well and its really fits on his personally( as you follow the guy, you’ll know what I mean,right?). By the way the jacket is includes on the brand’s Thom Browne Fall menswear collection 2012. You may check out the brand’s website today for the full details about the jacket and about the availability and other important details included.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope I can able to update you more some celebrity fashion statements on this blog, Thank you!

Dara and Kush wearing Chrome Hearts Cap


We all know that Sandara park from the all girl group called 2ne1 and all other artists under the Yg entertainment agency that includes this guy named Kush are all used to wear some dope caps. Because Caps and hats are the most trend accessories on the country, Korea, at this moment. That’s why everyone’s are getting craze to have these dopeness caps nowadays.

Today, Netizers noticed sandara and kush had been worn an same swag cap from the brand Chrome Hearts that you may see on the top photo. I dunno, if the brand Chrome Hearts is one of their major sponsor because all of them ( Artists from the agency) are often got some pieces from the brand. Lemme verify it first then I will update you again here, soon I’d got to found out. So yeah – The cap looks simply fine but sick in swag on my opinion, but I am pretty sure that not all of us can avail it, because Chrome Hearts pieces are heavenly expensive most of the time..LOL Pricing details? sorry I have no idea at this time about how much this cap will cost, just ask Google for it or better yet, get back again on this blog for my update regarding the further info on this cap. Because till now I am still gathering information about this dope cap.






TOP, one of the member of the lead all boy k-pop group today called big bang was recently selected as the newest model of the street fashion brand, FUBU.

We all know that this guy, TOP, has this quirky fashion sense and self trend style that can differ him self out onto those usual trend one. That’s why fubu gets him out as their new model endorser for their new set of clothes for this season. To give the modern and hip but with classy style in the street fashion today.. So – yeah, indeed! TOP is the perfect endorser for these new pieces of the brand,FUBU.

Happy BirthDay to G-dragon of Big bang

Big Bang Leader G-dragon is  celebrating his Birthday by tomorrow August 18 ,10 ,(why i know) ive been seen a lot of tweets,wall post,blog post and even just on youtube that a lot of people are sending greetings to g-dragon the way they can to his upcoming birth day which is  tomorrow that’s why i want to do my personal greetings to him by just doing this post, and yeah Happy Happy Birth day to you my Brother and i hope you can reach  more  than you dreaming of on your life and always include your group big bang on your success, and thats it, how about you guys? do you have a birthday greetings to him? if so just leave your greetings below as a comment(s), who knows he might read this blog though..LOL

by the way i just saw Flo Rida tweets that even he greeted g-dragon as well, my goodness this may the sign that soon big bang will be going on Hollywood?

Flo-rida Greeted G-dragon

I Missed Yg Entertainment Audition(Be Part Of YG Family)

I know some of those talented people out there are really looking forward to be part of this prestigious Music label in Korea who handled some of those most demand K-Pop groups nowadays in Korea which the Big Bang, 2NE1,Se7en and many more, i know this post is quite late though but please let me repose it out here for the future references and stuff that can may help you soon, yeah last may 2010 YG Entertainment opened a Online and walk-in Auditions Who can join any talented people world wide,Yes if you are an American or even a Filipino or other you can still part of YG Entertainment and Experience the Glamour Life When you get in on the label  that is good on YG because they do consider other nation other than being a Korean,

How to Or what you’ll be needing for the Audtion?

_At least 2min Long Demo tape wherein they’ll see you singing and at the same time dancing

_Age must be 11 to 19 because they do train those chosen people at least 5 years

_Full Body picture shot “No Photoshop Edits”

and send them all to this link

or you can send it by snail mail through out this address

YG audition
Sangsu-dong 349-10 Hoseong Building 4F
Mapo-Gu, Seoul
South Korea, ZIP 121-829

Sample Audition video Of Seungri who is now  Part of Big Bang