Lanvin Spring/Summer 2012 X Pharrell Williams

I know most of you folks will find this interesting because a lot of peeps are keep on commenting on this video as I found it over YouTube. That’s why then, Ive decided to post this up to on this blog, This was the campaign video ads of the brand Lanvin for their spring summer collection 2012. I dunno if this collection had already released in the market today, because I just randomly saw this video out on YouTube..LOL I think, I’ll just update this for further information as I know the details for the brand, Lavnvin, collection for this spring summer 2012. Meantime, let’s all what the video on top..LOL Thanks!

Seungri’s Comeback on the center’s stage!

Finally,after long time of waiting,now a big bang member Seungri is having a solo comeback on the center stage,that most fans are really looking forward too,right after YG entertainment announced the comeback dates, Actually this was the second time that this guy Seungri will be performed alone without his company that has a album on it,actually a mini album to be specific,because maybe YG Entertainment(The Agency that handles this guy) is maybe thinking of a great strategy on how they can  market their talents and how’s the talents can be showcasing their each guts.So yeah, this Seungri will be promoting his music till the group big bang will comeback by February that most fans out there are waiting for as well.Too bad on Seungri because he doesn’t have any spare time now to rest like he usual do,because big bag his group as well, will be comeback as ive said ,right after his work done for his mini album.

My Video Advertisement

i know is quite late to posted it here because you’ve been seen this on my previous post which the super one but please let me post it alone right here..LOl anyways yeah this was my first video advertisement that ive been made on that keep this work easier because i don’t have to gather stuff like pictures and setting up all transition of the video just to look good like on the outcome of this vid of mine because animo it self has it automatic ek ek thing like that..LOL so i must say if you want to have your own video advertisement like the crazy vid on top go on the given site and make one and by the way it can also be easily to move it to youtube because the site has this feature or script who can help you to do that so in one click..

American Adobo by Travis Kraft

I got amazed when i saw this video who featured on Mel and Joey the Sunday Talk show  that this guy named travis kraft who is fully blooded American has made a great cooking video on how to cook adobo one of those Filipino favorite food, who doesn’t? but what can make his video special? want to find out?  let us watch the video now

Yeah boy, he can even speak in our language which is tagalog that is make his video more speacial to us because its not a normal for us to seen a foreign national who do such this things, that why im proud and amazed to sir Travis Kraft because i can see the heart and dedication to adopt our culture nor he has it already? by the way not only adobo he can cook but also a dinuguan that most people are dying for to eat, yeah he cooks it live on his guessing on Mel and joey last night and i know a lot of girls out there are admiring him right now but sorry girls he is already taken by the lucky Filipina who is him best friend for long time on youtube for more videos..