Camp Rock 2 The final Jam

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam ( Jonas Brothers )

Camp Rock is the most fun musical movie way back time in 2008 if i am not mistaken about the year, and now jonas brothers and demi Lovato who are the main cast on the said musical movie is now has their second sequel entitled Camp Rock 2 the final Jam who will be premier on September 3 on united state .. and i know a lot of die fan out there are quite exited on this upcoming movie because we’ll heard a new song again that we will surely love like the Gotta Find You which the first sequel theme song

Now i know this song is the theme song(Its On) of this second sequel but i am not sure about it, please correct me so if its not..LOL

Let see behind the scene footage on this Camp rock 2 the Final Jam

Disney Jonas L.A

Disney Jonas L.A

Admitted i am a fan of this boy band jonas brothers since i heard their song when you look me in a eyes and by then im starting to hearing each one of their song and i think all of their song was awesome indeed and quite sometimes i can relay on what their song trying to say that’s why i like em music..:)

several years ago, i think,if i am not mistaken may 2009 to be exact Disney Chanel premier a series of show who cast by the Jonas brothers called JONAS who grabbed a million fans to watch but suddenly they have to end up the show quite while but they do promise that there was another season coming up and now the new season titled JONAS L.A (Teen Sitcom) was airing now on Disney channel USA ..




One thing that i love about the sitcom was their musics..its really rocks and lemme share it to you some of those music vids that i found on Youtube, as always..LOL


Make It Right

You missed some of the episodes? just go right here and watch them..

sorry i cant link that out..with some reason just copy on it and paste to your address bar..thanks