Nike 2013 Fall/Winter Tennis Classic AC LX

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Folks, these are the shoes that we should look forward to this winter and fall seasons as we wanted ourselves to be so dope and in hip for today’s fashion. Because I think, Nike 2013 Fall/Winter Tennis Classic AC LX are the ones most talked about in the industry today and this might be the most big thing soon as it released in the market these days ahead.

Actually, as of now, I haven’t get any details in hand yet regarding this new collection of NIKE, but soon enough, the brand itself, Nike, will then update us all for these awesome shoes they’d cooked for us these fall and winter seasons.

Wait, I’ve read to the one fashion magazine site that this collection might be out early this December but there’s any specific dates given, so – I suggest you then to often check Nike’s main website for further details and updates for this collection. Also, someone’s whispered (LOL) these shoes has price range of $132 USD – up (once available) in any retailer stores online and in any nearby store of Nike where you resides. No worries! I’ll update you all soon as I got the details in this soon. Thank you! and have a great weekend everyone.

Got my pr2 back

As you are my readers on  this blog, Ive been blogged before that my page rank was dropped into pr1 that I don’t expected it at all because I inserted some efforts then to this blog for those link building activities that can make my stat on Google better. Anyways that’s what life going. However, this very recent. I just noticed that my blog got back on its first page rank which is page rank 2 that’s means that Google updated it again that we couldn’t expected at all because Google is did unpredictable on this matter, we all know that.

Actually having an pr2 blog isn’t that good but for me this rank is still yet better because I think the minimum that an advertisers can deal with on a blog which a blog that have this pr2 but still having a higher page rank is better indeed. Okay,that’s it for now and let see if I will made this blog better when its comes on its page rank pretty soon.

banned on adsense(LOL)

Yeah! this was a funny thing. Why? becuase Google did banned me with some reasons that I really dunno, to the fact that I don’t using my adsense accounts *(adverts) so often to my blogs. oh well. Its okay with me becuase I don’t actually work to adsense since Ive got some issues to them before. Anyways that’s life then, you cant expect some things happened,right? though I still have remain 25 usd over my account but yet that’s not a big loose to my pocket becuase I did have some programs that can support me on the monthly basis without having any hardship to got any clicks coming over.

Okay, that’s it for now and will update you soon as Ive got any messages coming from the adsense team on which violations that I did. Because they couldn’t notify me since now.LOL

Adsense doesnt work on me

I’m quite envious to those bloggers who’re getting some bucks on adsense. Because me as you can see I haven’t working on the ad network at this moment. Why? It just simply I don’t like.LOL yeah! its my choice then to not to put any adsense over this blog due with some plans that I was cooking  through this blog. Actually I was a good earner on the network before but when I realized that there was some another big opportunities out there, by then on. I decided to not to work on the network for good.

And the other reason was, adsense had these a lot of rules that you’ll have to follow that can effect on your blog revenue sooner, that’s why maybe some of those big fish sites aren’t have this adsense with them though they’re getting a lot of traffics that they might earn big if they have the ads so. Yeah, theseare my reasons as well that’s why I pulled my adsense’s out. But if I’d got any changes then to work on it I surely back my adsense to my blogs.

I want to be a Link Builder

Yeah, since this was the path that I was going through which being a blogger and some online activities, one thing that I am really looking forward to, which to become a link builder. Yeah I want to be one becuase I’d love talking with a lot of people and I’m enjoying giving opportunities to those webmaster/bloggers
who needed it. But the problem was I dunno  where to start with, though I was working with some clients now who have related with the link builder stuff but yet still I wanted to be hired on one company who can give me this task regularly. By the way, I refer to a link builder who is offering sidelink,blog posts to those relevant blogs not the one who are submitting link to those social media stuff. Okay I hope someone get stumble here and hire me as their
link builder. ^_^

Not satisfied Yet!

Yeah,honestly i dont like how Google updated this blog today, i mean on my pagerank because i just got this pr2 that ill never been expecting at all because i was aiming to have a pagerank of 3 insistently to this blog instead, thats why im given my 100 percent effort to blog such unique and personal post than having some paid post out of here and i evenly work hard on my link building activities and such thing, So now, what is the problem? do those backlinks that ive been made aren’t be quality enough to lift up this blog on the third spot? Anyways, its ok though, beside we can do anything regarding on this matter right? So yeah, i think i need to make another seo plans for this blog so that when Google will update again sooner, i can have my aimed page rank then. Yeah quite sometime i was nuts by somethings stuff like this, but at least Ive learned a sort of lesson through this nuttiness, which “you’ll never expected something happened because we aren’t know what will happen on the future”.

And now as i got this pagerank of 2, i was thinking now to work in any site broker who can consider me then to work with under by them, but let see on how’s the river’s flow. I’ll make you updated on what company that ill be considering to work with using this blog,Alright , i think im done talking out here,bye!

No Rank yet!

Yes, i was expecting that this blog will have its own rank this new year’s day but i think i failed on it because now its already 16th of the first month of the year but yet still there’s no rank given by this blog, so now, do i have to check my seo strategies or such? because there was also some minimal report that other blog is given there rank already though they are having there 2 months old domain, so what is the real through out of these speculations that people are buzzing out to those forums and blogs? i am dead of ideas now regarding this i hope someone could explain on how Google works this days? anyone who is studied the matter already, please do share some information to us bloggers who trying to know on whats going on inside Google? LOL

So yeah, up to now there’s no update made but other people confirmed that last week of december last 2010 Google updated minimally but not sure though because my 20 6 months old blogs hasn’t seen any changes to my toolbar but let see as this months passing through if we can experience the huge and major update,crosses fingers, ok im finish now and let see soon on what rank should be given on this blog,thanks!

Quick update on my alexa rankings

Wow im quite shocked when i checked this blog a while ago because Ive see my alexa rankings went pretty awesome to the fact that the 716,327 was rapidly goes to 658,389 in just 2 days  by doing my stuff here and i think my seo strategies to promote this blog world wide are indeed working and i hope this may continue as i have my pagerank soon, that is hopefully happen in the end of the month because Google use to update every new year and its consistent thats why i am pretty sure that i can have by rank then before the years end..crosses fingers, ill make an update if i have it so,thanks

Why google Hates Text Link Ads?

Indeed? Google really hated text link ads with some reason, and i dont even know why Google is liked that, do you know the reason why? if so, kindly share it to my comment box so that we might get educated on whats on the big boss mind,lol Actually id never did any text link ads advertisement serve in any of my blogs but still i want to find out what are the main reasons is, because im quite planning to serve any text link ads who will consider my blog then soon but on the other hand if i proven that Google really hates text link ads ill definitely remove that thing on my list of plan who can give me a great revenue, so please let me to find it so, ok!ok! ill consult the big boss search engine on this  to find out the real score between on this issue, lol

So you do you serve some text link ads advertisement on your blog? and how’s that? do your page rank decrease rapidly nor it just still on what you’ve been have since then? i need to Analise things out before ill go through because i dont wanna take any risk in regard on Google rules or else it might a big mistake on my ok thats it for now and as i know the answer on this question of mine ill definitely do update on this post..thanks