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Nowadays, most people spend their free time either tinkering on their laptops, tablet, and mobile phones and watching TV in their LED TVs. But what’s the use of a high tech TV if your television provider sucks. There are many providers that claim to be the best but you can never be too sure. It’s important to first determine what you need in a provider. Different providers offer various types of services. To be able to have a look at all the available television providers around and what they have to offer, there are websites that customers can check out.

DigitalTVSignup is a website that supplies customers with complete, precise, and clear information on the greatest deals, discounts, offers, products, features, and services of the many TV providers in the UK. Customers can also browse through the different subscription plans that each TV provider has as well as the many choices that go with them like broadband and home phone services. DigitalTVSignup’s Digital TV Providers in the UK include Sky, BT Vision, Virgin Media TiVo, Talk Talk, Top Up TV, and Freeview.

One of the leading digital satellite TV and radio service is Sky. There are Sky channels that are free while there are those that need a subscription. They have a set-top-box called the Sky Digibox as well as the Sky+ and the Sky+ HD boxes. Among the Sky package deals are Sky TV with Entertainment Pack (with features such as over 40 entertainment channels, free Sky+ box and standard set-up, and the biggest selection of free to air channels) and Sky Awesome Foursome (across 40 Entertainment Channels, Sky Broadband Lite and Talk Weekends, Amazing Sky Go, and free Sky+ box and standard set-up).

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2012 X Pharrell Williams

I know most of you folks will find this interesting because a lot of peeps are keep on commenting on this video as I found it over YouTube. That’s why then, Ive decided to post this up to on this blog, This was the campaign video ads of the brand Lanvin for their spring summer collection 2012. I dunno if this collection had already released in the market today, because I just randomly saw this video out on YouTube..LOL I think, I’ll just update this for further information as I know the details for the brand, Lavnvin, collection for this spring summer 2012. Meantime, let’s all what the video on top..LOL Thanks!

American Adobo by Travis Kraft

I got amazed when i saw this video who featured on Mel and Joey the Sunday Talk show  that this guy named travis kraft who is fully blooded American has made a great cooking video on how to cook adobo one of those Filipino favorite food, who doesn’t? but what can make his video special? want to find out?  let us watch the video now

Yeah boy, he can even speak in our language which is tagalog that is make his video more speacial to us because its not a normal for us to seen a foreign national who do such this things, that why im proud and amazed to sir Travis Kraft because i can see the heart and dedication to adopt our culture nor he has it already? by the way not only adobo he can cook but also a dinuguan that most people are dying for to eat, yeah he cooks it live on his guessing on Mel and joey last night and i know a lot of girls out there are admiring him right now but sorry girls he is already taken by the lucky Filipina who is him best friend for long time on youtube for more videos..

Guatemala Sinkhole Creepy Indeed

A Creepy News had Broadcast This afternoon here in the Philippines but  i dunno what or how can i react because im quite amazed on what nature can make or made however on the other hand  we must think why nature is like that? maybe because of  our own negligence? anyways whatever its take i believed that God is always here for us to help in every deluge that happen on our way..

But i think on the Guatemela Sinkhole, its happened because they believe that there was a cave that has limestone on that ground where is the sinkhole happened and based on some specialist in this matter , limestone can easily dissolve when its raining or if there’s some earthquake on the area where the sinkhole possible to happen, so maybe  that will be the main reason why that sinkhole appears on that road..

Guatemela Sinkhole
Guatemela Sinkhole

Guatemala Sinkhole photos and vid

Based on the news that ive been watched , Officials on that place Guatemala are speculating  that there’s 2 people who fell on the said sinkhole but they’re still verifying it if there’s such incident..

Jejemon Song

First at foremost i just wanna  thanks, those people who really searched the keyword “example of jejemon” because my post about jejemon is leading on that keyword on Google search engine that’s why im quite happy on it, because little by little i can optimize the traffic on this blog and please do read also some of my unique and personal post..thanks, by the way  you can see the proof screen shot


Beside being nominated as a word for the year, Jejemon words has invades even on music industry nowadays , i got amazed, because people are so imaginative and creative in away by doing these stuff that people can crazy with,lol and i heard that jejemon people has their own things that they called jejemon things like jejehat, jejeshirt all things that jejemons worn i think, but please bear in mind again that i am not against with those group of people  who uses that words on their daily basis, just to clear thing out..;P because i dont wanna be misunderstood again like on my first Anyways let me share to you the new Jejemon song that i found on youtube, i hope you’ll like it..:)

Yeah ,it shown on Unang Hirit the morning show on GMA 7

I missed to watched the finale of American Idol Season 9

I am a fun Of American Idol Since Kris Allen Won Way back 2009 but since the AI keeps on searching on the next big thing performer(s) on Hollywood they’re really do to have their search every year that is started on the first month of the year but  on this season 9 i wasn’t be able to watch every weeks performances because im too busy on my daily task and stuff but i promise to my self that when the finale gonna happen i  would rather to give my self some break and watch it on TV so that i can blog it after, but bad things happened,lol Ive been slept on the middle of the entire show and i  really felt bad on it because i wasn’t  be able to see who’s gonna win between Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox but thank God to my group of friends on Facebook and twitter they do tweeted who’s wins between them and its Lee Dewyze at the very first i know that this man will win on the said Reality search because his range of voice are great its like i heard Kris Allen And Justin Timberlake at the same time so im quite happy to know that he got the idol

Though i missed to watched it on TV, youtube is the perfect place to watch

Ivan Dorschner of Pinoy big brother Teen Clash Edition

I know a lot of  Filipina Girls out there are searching  some of the information  about this half pinoy teenager named Ivan Dorschner because maybe they just want to sympathize on him but in majority i think. they just want him to win because they find him cute? yeah no doubt he was the one of those teens housemate you had a assurance to be the next Gerald anderson on our local showbizness

Though he Lived in U.S.A , he still have an heart like a Filipino because he always visited Philippines every now and then and if he had a time , he see to it that he watches  some of the Abs-cbn Taping as a live viewer like what you see on the video below

Wowowee Taping

Showtime Taping

Yeah he had  made some appearances on Philippines television  that’s why other are find it  unfair, because they knew someone got him back to get enter easily on the  reality TV show but be realistic guys we all know that all of these teens who got entered on the said tv show are already have their some experiences and appearance on tv and definitely they have their own manager at their back too,,,