Re20: Best Microphone to use

Looking for the best re20 microphone to use on your studio? if so, I really recommend you to have look some at guitar center has they have all the awesome Re20 microphones and other good thing was, the prices of their microphone were indeed inexpensive than to the other mortar stores nears you hence it’s better to buy off online than in the physical stores, in my opinion.

Ludwig vistalite

Recently, I just hooked myself up to the drums which my friend as me to try and yes I really enjoy it and playing was a bit hard at first but as you go along and made yourself comfortable on the tool you’ll eventually enjoy it more, that’s why I am now looking for my own ludwig vistalite drum set and I hope I can buy off for reasonable price as I’ve heard that this set is quite pricey to have..

Gibson double neck guitar

Are you a professional musicians? and want to widen your knowledge about musical instruments? if so, why not trying to have this awesome guy here which the gibson double neck guitar that can push you through on your limit. Actually, I am not fond of it but when a one guy near here where I currently resides plays it passionately I just thoughts of having it play too and I might play it more better than the guy does, who know, right? so try to check the double head guitar if you wanted to push yourself to your limits.

Changing look of Music


As you all noticed, artists these days aren’t that fond with one kind of fashion statement or sticking in their kind of trademark, Why? because people are demanding to see quirky stuff hence artists are trying to imposed that change so they can still be on the top of the list when it comes to their craft.

We’ve seen a bunch of them who constantly changing their looks through times, though some of them turns to be too much but overall change is good especially if you are into music industry. And to those people out there who wanted to try to work in the industry as musicians or even as an artist themselves, I then suggest you to have some tools on first and try out your luck, because it’s better to be skilled first before getting into the wild, right? so get some tools and learn with them and as you gained your confidence you can now try to enter in the wild world of music.

Fender ukulele

Looking for the best fender ukulele? well, if you do, I really suggest you to have lookout over google or in any online stores available. Because online is the best venue where you can get all the things you needed in very reasonable prices, I actually got myself one form and it does really in quality and the price is really good unlike when you buy off in any mortar stores nears you. Please check the shop and and see for yourself on how great their each musical instruments were beside to Ukelele.

molded ear plugs

One of the most essentials tools to have as you are into music industry or if you are working in the music field was this molded ear plugs. Because this ear plugs can really protects your ear for being damage of the excessive use of the loudly music so often hence a molded ear plugs are the best companion anytime you work on the field and have your ear protected.

Jobs at musicians friend

Looking for the best job that has something to do on your current hobby which is playing the generic kind of musical instruments? if so, why not having any jobs at musicians friend as you might get the privileged to play out their musical instrument for free or have it yourself in discounted prices as you’re, if ever, employed to their brand. You can check the link given for the list of job available for you to consider.

rode podcaster

Who is looking for the best rode podcaster there, you? if you are, good then. Because I knew one shop here called guitar center, online shop, where all the rode podcaster and microphones where selling over. Other good thing was, the shop is having its mid year sales which you can have this rode for half the price with free shipping in it already, good deals right? so what are you waiting for? go check the shop now and have your own rode podcaster to use for yourself.

Best DJ GEar

Are you into music profession, specifically as you’re an DJ? if so, why not having this dj gear at for you to produce more accurate and electrifying music as you play your things at the club. Yes! because all the DJ Gears at musician friends are indeed a d*amn good as they’re quality but in there very affordable prices hence it wont hurt your pocket that much. Go check the shop now and see for yourself on how great there gears are. 🙂

Motu micro lite

Looking for the best USB MIDI interface for your musical tools? if so, I think the motu micro lite is the best choice because this interface has it all from a bunch of installer capability as well some slots available for the USD itself. You can check out it for yourself for you to see on how awesome this Motu micro lite is.. I recommend this site called musiciansfriend for preferences of this kind as well you can check over there additional details regarding this micro lite.