Dress to impress: 10 first date fashion tips for men

A first date is nerve-wracking for anyone. There’s so much to worry about that it’s easy to get caught up in that anxious feeling. Do you arrive right on time or fashionably late? Do you bring a full bunch of flowers or a single rose (or anything at all?) And most importantly, what should you wear? If you’re a guy who’s confused about how to approach a first date, fear not. Here are some simple tips to guide you in making the right fashion choices:

Keep it simple

Keep your first date outfit simple. No need for loud, bright colours, t-shirts with slogans on them, or fancy designer threads. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.



Button up with a button down

A smart pressed button down shirt is always sure to impress. Make sure it fits right. Depending on your trousers, you can either tuck it in with a cool belt, or leave it loose for a more scruffy, tousled look.

Pattern or plaid?

A patterned shirt in a simple plaid or gingham can look great when worn with the right pair of trousers. A good rule is to keep it to two colours – anything more than that and you risk it resembling a uniform.



Don’t wear a tie

You’re not going to a job interview or showing someone a property. There is no need to make things too formal. This is important whether you’ve been set up through friends or whether you’ve met your date through the eHarmony AU online dating site.

…but don’t wear sneakers, either

You’re not on a tennis court, either. Don’t make your date think you’ve come straight from the gym.

Jeans are okay

Just make sure they’re not ripped or torn. Dark wash is always better than light for a first date – and it makes it easier to hide stains if you accidentally spill your spaghetti.

A tailored look

If you go for this look, keep cuffs neat, pants hemmed to the right length, and jacket sleeves hitting just above where the thumb begins.

Cardigans are cute

A well-fitting cardigan is the perfect finish to any outfit. Pick one in a contrasting colour to your shirt, and when in doubt, keep it neutral – in shades of brown, blue or grey. And the best part is that you’ll have something to throw over your date if she gets cold.



Don’t overthink it

Nothing screams “nervous” more than trying too hard. Don’t put too much effort into your outfit – just wear something that fits well, lets you breathe, and makes you feel good.

Need inspiration?

If you need more ideas to plan the perfect first date get-up, or maybe now you’d like some date ideas, additional information can be found here, where singles post their dating stories and give dating tips.

Woolrich Woolen Mills – Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook






Numerous of brand names these days, both locals and international brands, are keep on releasing their own sneak peek or lookbook photos for their upcoming brand’s season collections like what you are seeing on the top photos. Those photos are belongs to the Woolrich Woolen Mills Spring Summer collection 2013 though I am not really familiar on the brand itself but it seems its look the brand is mainly on men’s fashion wear that’s why am so pleased then to include them in here.

About the availability and pricing details? as for this moment, as the collection haven’t yet released in the market today. I haven’t yet know still any further details about it, however, soonest, pretty sure, the brand, Woolrich Woolen Mills, will release the full details. Just keep on checking this blog, iamronel.com, for the updates regarding this awesome collection here. Thanks so much and have a great day ahead to everyone…

Damir Doma Falco Leather Shoe


The Parisian based fashion company called Damir Doma  had released their new awesome design of leather shoes that you may see on the top photo. and if I dont mistaken, the kicks has this item item of black Falco leather shoe that you may avail online. Just search on the item name over google and from there, you may see bunch on affiliated stores who selling this awesome kicks here.

As I know, the shoe as this approx.$875 USD each pair. I will update this info once I pretty sure about the it. Alright, that’s it for now and will update you some more fashion news soon. Thanks!

Reigning Champ 2012 Fall/Winter Collection





These are the pieces that we could expect from the brand Reigning Champ for their fall and winter collection for this year 2012. I must say, all of these pieces are looking comfy specially that awesome blue shorts and dope screw neck top which the pieces really speaks to my styles. That’s why I was so pleased then to blog this up on this site though the brand isn’t well know rather I must say, I didn’t know the brand yet till I saw these great pieces here. I think, the brand, Reigning Champ, is kinda new on the industry? doesn’t know, but one thing is for sure! all of their pieces for fall and winter really has a swag on.

About the availability and pricing ranges? oh well, as this moment, I didn’t know yet that further info, however, soon I got to knew it, of course will update you the full details here again. Thanks folks and that’s it for now and I look forward on your next visit. Have a great Saturday to everyone!

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Black Diamond Earrings For Men


Who never thought that even men can be wear some black diamond earrings too. Look Justin Bieber on the photo on top. He is wearing this awesome black diamond earrings for men that most of you not familiarized with, because we usually see diamonds on girl’s end not into any guy. However, on today’s fashion accessories, men can be wear off anything diamond too because it’s already trends today.

Alright, that’s it for now and later today, I’ll update you more relevant into fashion news. Thanks!

Kid Credit Card

Occasionally, Iamronel.com is blogging some not so in fashion related post like this kid credit card that I was suppose to share with you now. Yeah! you’d heard it right that kids nowadays are can have their own credit card though this card are only an extension on your parent’s main credit cards but yet still they do work like the usual credit card. Ask your bank about this and they might have this implemented already on their bank. However, bear in mind that not all banks had this kind of program because most of the local banks, where I resides, doesn’t have this yet. So – better yet to ask the bank first.

Candy Bags



While I was roaming around the web recently these awesome bags here that let me call them candy bags really caught my attention. Because look, they’re like candy rather looks like candy,right? I just thought these bags can be a Candy In Bulk for real. That’s why I really pleased myself to include these bags here though I haven’t yet know where these bags came from, I prefer on their brands. Anyway, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks!

Treat Yourself to Savings: Three Best Resources for Cash-Back Rewards

People love to save money and find money in places that they did not expect it. Cash back rewards can come in several forms and can be beneficial to your personal bottom line. Thanks to the communication technology explosion, you can get cash back from a variety of resources.

When you enter a sweepstakes, you are hoping to get a little reward back for your loyalty to the company. Past sweepstakes winners are often longtime customers that happened to cash in on a sweepstakes promotion. You do not have to wait to be a lucky sweepstakes winner to enjoy cash back rewards on a regular basis.


(Image via Flickr by o5com)


Clipping coupons has been an effective way for people to get cash back on their shopping bills for years. But with the rise in online buying, people can take coupons to a whole new level.

Most people use coupons at the grocery store or when they venture out to a department store. Businesses are now offering a variety of online coupons that can be used on the Internet or at a real location. You can browse the Internet to print out and use coupons at restaurants and bars in your area, or to buy products online. Before you buy any product or service online, always check to see if there is an online coupon available that can save you money.


Credit Cards

It is estimated that nearly 85 percent of all Americans have a cash back program on their credit cards. It is becoming more common for credit card companies to offer up to three percent cash back on purchases clients make during the month.

You can take advantage of this feature to put money in your pocket. If you have a credit card that offers cash back, then you should only use it for those monthly purchases that you would normally pay for in cash such as gas and food. When the credit card bill arrives, take the money you had set aside for these purchases and pay the bill off. You will have no credit card debt and your credit card company will still pay you cash back for the purchases that you made.



The Internet can be a vast cash back resource if you know where to look. Online surveys will pay you for your opinions on the products that you buy. There are several reputable online survey sites that will allow you to put a few dollars in your pocket each month just to answer some quick questions.

Internet search engines are also offering ways for people to make a little money just to search the World Wide Web. Search engines such as Bing will track your activity, award you points for your searches and then allow you to choose from a catalog of prizes which includes cash gift cards. People love earning money online because they are already spending a significant amount of time using the Internet. It is a great feeling to get paid to do something that you were going to do anyways.


Cash back bonuses are all around you if you just know where to look. If you can save a few dollars here and there by doing the things that you already do, then you are earning money without working. A cash back bonus is a way to make your money work for you and help you to lower your expenses.


Steven Harrington x Generic Surplus Borstals Fall 2012




I really happily to see some brands doing collaboration or  got teamed up with. Because through this, they can create such awesome pieces that most of the folks will be surely look forward and eventually get craze with. Today, I’ll be going to share to you this dope kicks, check the photos on top, that are the collaboration kicks of these 2 great brands, Steven Harrington & Generic Surplus Borstals, actually, I am not familiar on these 2 giant, however, Ive heard that they’re both great when it comes on their each pieces when t0 comes to fashion. That’s why no wonder how they can produced these swag kicks here.

As this moment, I haven’t any info with me regarding these shoes here, but of course, soon enough, each brand, Steven Harrington & Generic Surplus Borstals, will be surely update us about the availability of these kicks and how much they pricing range on each of the kicks. But rest assured, these kicks will be available for fall season 2012 as it supposed it out on the said season’s collection.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you;ll keep on checking the blog, iamronel.com, for more further fashion updates and news. Thanks so much!

Hummel J 2012 Fall/Winter Collection





I admit, I am a huge fan of backpack, whatever brand it is, when it comes to fashion accessories. I dunno, I just wanted to wear it whenever I go that’s why this brand, Hummel J, Fall/Winter collection for this year 2012 had hooked me up. Actually, I really dont know if the brand is into bag or in apparel or both pieces. I just found them online and been decided to post up here because look, they really do have this dope concept for these photos on top. Alright, I’ll update you soon again on what specifically piece/s that this brand Hummel J marketing or selling out in the market today. Thanks!