Keiichi Tanaami x Stussy 2013 Spring/Summer Capsule Collection


First and foremost. Sorry for I wasn’t able to update this blog so often these days. Because I am so busy doing my offline things I hope you can understand on that. Anyway, another collaborative piece here from the 2 giant label,Keiichi Tanaami & Stussy, I think  Keiichi Tanaami brand is originated in Japan but am not sure though but the name it is, it’s like sound a local brand in the said country, Japan. Let me then check it and will update you again in here. Yeah! that was the piece, photo on the top, that the 2 companies had cooked for us this coming spring summer 2013, that of course includes on their spring summer capsule collection same year.

What do you think about this tee? dope or nope? for me this definitely dope because the design prints was indeed quirky and the material used, the clothe, was made of 100% cotton, I believed, that can gives warm and comfortable feeling on our end as we wear this on the summer season.

As for now, I havent yet know further details about this great tee, like the availability and pricing, however, soon enough the brand itself will released their update regarding this Keiichi Tanaami x Stussy 2013 Spring/Summer Capsule Collection. Let’s then wait for it. Okay, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead to everyone. Thanks!


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Most men loves the musics or playing some musical instruments. Because this was our stress reliever in away. I dunno I just find myself distressing when every time I playing my fashionable guitar epiphone dot at music123 that I bought last year on the site I included on this post. I must say, the guitar is really durable and its indeed worth to spend. Check their site now for more stylish guitars and some great musical instruments that may fits your skew when in regards to musics…

The cowbell at GC


Since seems everyone like to know where they could buy this awesome cowbell for their drums and on how to install it by their own for beginners. I may suggest you to check out this cowbell at GC which has the most reasonable cowbell on sell and at the same time they have this easy instructions that you may follow to install this drum’s accessory without any hard times..heheh check them out now and buy your own cowbell at only to GC site..Thanks!

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 photo wishtrendthumbnail_zps3c878dfd.png

I am really a big fan of online stores that sells some great products in reasonable prices and yet effective and durable and of course an online stores that has this credibility in the online industry. That’s why when I’ve heard this online shop called, Korean based company, I just pleased to include them out here because I personally tried their products a months ago when I purchased some products to them. And I must say, their customer service was really good and they can even call you over the phone if you do have any concerns about your items. Awesome,right?

Also, they’re the only online shop( I know so far) who sells beauty products not just for girls but also to those chic men, that’s was I liked the most on their shop. Go heads up on their site now and roam around for you to see and even to experience how awesome their items are..

No worries, because they can ship international in the lowest fee and sometimes they can even thrown in some free sample packs on your package that can definitely bring a smile on your face..:) Okay, that’s it for now and for you to get updated on their company, just follow them on their social media accounts that are listed out below:

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