Giggerboys Member AJ Perez Dies on the Vehicular Accident ( April,17,2011)

Indeed shocking news that we were all heard this morning (April,17,2011) that the model and young actor AJ Perez or Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez in real life was  died because of the multiple head injuries due of the Vehicular accident that they been through together with his 5 other  companion. But suddenly rather SADLY, AJ was the one who extremely hits the by bus that can put him into the critical situation that happened last 11:40 pm April 16,2011 along Mc Arthur Highway in Tarlac.

AJ was rushed on the near hospital right after the incident happened, but badly to say, the doctor pronounced that he’s dead on arrival to the exact time 12:20 am April 17,2011. Now all fans and his close friends, family are crying hearts and mourning at this moment, please do extent our sympathy and condolences to the family who loses a great Son,friends and brother.