Why did i chosen wordpress than blogger to run this blog?


Yes, honestly speaking id really like wordpress as my cms than blogger, why? because as i used blogger before i can differentiate the function of these 2 blogging platform and i would say  wordpress is the best because here at wordpress you can easily add whatever you want too , like pages and other stuff not like on blogger  who needs quite knowledge’s with some codings( html/xml ) to do want you want to show up in the entire blog  that can probably give you some stress  every time you have to put something on it..grrr and here on wordpress there’s was a lot of plugins that can we use for free like a do follow plugin wherein in just one click your blog will be come a do follow blog and a lot more, its really a convenience on my opinion , but on the other hand there’s also a disadvantage using wordpress like hosting, yeah you must have to have a hosting plan who can hold your blog running as long as you want it, that is cost you some pennies beside of your domain name but on blogger all you have do to is to buy a domain in any domain registrar and right after you bought your domain,just change your blogspot url into the domain  that you bought and hosting is totally free because blogger is your hosting its self ,that was good on blogger, lol so you, what will you refer most? me, i still love wordpress till the end,,lol its up to you where do you want to host your blog to be, please dont blame me after all, because this was my only personal opinion about these matter..wink2 :p

How to Add Favicon on your blogspot blog?

As Ive noticed everyone got complicated to explain on how to add favicon on your blogspot blog , that’s why i am giving you the simplest and easier   way  to put your favicon on your blogspot blog, i think!  so first you must know what is favicon is? favicon is a small image that displayed on the beginning of your address bar like youve seen on the image below

How to do that? all you have to do is make an image on photoshop or any photo(s) that available with yah, and if you chosen your photo already just generate it into http://www.chami.com/html-kit/services/favicon/ and after you uploaded your photo and downloaded it already all you have to do next is go to your blogspot blog account and in your Edit html click the  small button on the left that named Expand widget then look for xml  code below


IF you locate the code on the top ,just put this code below on the given code at the top, like the screenshot below

<link href='ICON FILE URL' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='ICON FILE URL' rel='icon'/>

Change the icon file url into your photo url..how to get your photo url?? just upload your favicon photo in any of the following image hosting site’s ,tinypic.com or photobucket.com then get the direct link and there you go ..

lastly save it and view your blog.. i hope you understand what im trying to teach..lol