Caring for Watches: A Watch Owner’s Guide

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High end, luxury watches are designed to last. They’re built for longevity so you know that it’s not just the designer name you’re paying for, but also the intricate detailing, the love and care in the expert craftsmanship and the quality materials that will give your watch extended life.

But great care is still needed if you want to preserve the beauty of your watch. Here is some watch care advice to keep your favourite time pieces looking as beautiful as they day you purchased them.

Top Tips for Watch Care

If you want to prolong the aesthetics and also the functioning ability of your chosen timepiece, take a look at our guidelines for watch care.

  • Avoid water damage – this is always one of the biggest threats to expensive watches and jewellery. If your watch is not water resistant, make sure you adhere to the strict instructions for cleaning and care. You must also remember that water resistant watches are not waterproof; these are two very different things. So unless stated otherwise, you should never participate in water sports wearing your watch.
  • Keep and eye on temperature levels – did you know that extreme heat or extreme cold could damage your watch? Try to avoid extreme temperatures and when storing your watch, make sure it’s in a cool, dry and safe place. Moisture in the air or damp can cause complications so always ensure you have a dedicated storage place that your watch can call home when it’s not on your wrist.
  • Don’t throw away the original packaging – always keep the original box it came in. Not only does throwing it away devalue the watch itself, but having a good storage box can keep your watch protected from the elements.
  • Clean your watch regularly – just like you would maintain your home or your car, watches and jewellery require cleaning too. Watches, including their straps, can be quite fragile and tough to clean. The best way to clean a watch is to use a soft cloth. Harsh cleaning materials can cause scratches so make sure you use lint-free cloths.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals – never use harsh chemicals when cleaning your watch. A soft cloth is usually sufficient but if you must use anything, use mild detergent or soap. Chemicals, solvents or even gases can case discolouration or deterioration to your watch.
  • Do not play sports with your watch on – most high quality watches are shock resistant to an extent these days. However, it is not recommended that you play sports or do anything too active whilst wearing an expensive watch. Shock can damage your watch so make sure you have a sports watch replacement before you begin your game / gym workout.

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