Thanks a lot for the awesome gift..(dance)

Who doesn’t like freebies? i bet no one,we really like it whatever it is.. as long is free and  and yes gave me a awesome gift that i really like because they been my sponsor quite a while and now they sent me a great pair of flip flop that is absolutely can check the proof below

and i just wanna thank Ms Siti a seo and social media consultant who is working on a uk company the for assisting me and answering all of  my freakkin questions about this free gift and thanks a well for reaching me out though my blog is quite new and have no page rank for now but they still believing that this blog of mine has a potential online that can help their customer to be well know on the search engine..because they do search first to those blogs who has or can have a good standing on Google right now or in the future, i believed .. anyways  i hope not just this awesome flip flop that i can get through out my blogging activities..crosses fingers and wait i will even explain why companies love to advertise to my blogs on my blog and can have a idea on how to work out on it :) see you there..thanks (wink2) 😉