Domain Renewal

Indeed hurts to my pocket these days that I was renewing  all of my domains almost every month, because Ive bought those domains out last year simultaneously that I wasn’t know that I will have this hardship by renewing them all out.( LOL) But its okay though, because I know sooner these domains can give me a great revenue on each one of them, Yeah I am too positive. Last month Ive been renewed 6 other .com domains that has been cost me 60 usd because they are registered to the other domain registar who haven’t this coupon code discounted at all in regards on their renewal, but those domains rather blogs are giving a great deal on my blogging activities. But this month of May, my goodness these domains that I’m about to renew was the domains that I don’t use so often meaning they don’t get any advertisement at all through the one year that they were live on the WWW. Okay, I decided now to renew them all and let see if I can make this stuff succeed, hopefully yeah. ^_^

Disappointed on netfirms

Using coupon code with certain domain registrar has a lot of issue??

Yeah , i am really disappointed on the domain registrar company called Netfirms because this recently i purchased one . Com domain with them, that is cost me 3.99 dollars only ,because i use the coupon code that available by this time ,of course to have some discount that i really like,lol  but at the back of that i got a problem that i have to resolve first before  i can able  use the domain name that i purchased and i feel so inconvenience with it, because on the first place Ive been deducted  on my paypal and all info was updated then, so what is the problem nor what is their problem?

And when i checked  my email i  saw their messages telling me that i have to call them first and pass some requirements that they’re really insistently  require me like bills of statement that indicates my address that i use on my sign up process and any valid ids available with me ,  i really find it so inconvenience!. why? because why do i have to call them and pass that requirement for just availing one domain? oh my goodness yeah i got discount on my domain but my expenses by calling them is like i purchase a 2 domain with a standard hosting plan,lol so i decided to email them back not to confirm but to cancel my account and refund my money .. and the good things is they response  immediately and give my money back    . and for that i am hands down with them because they avoid me to get hysterical ,lol

so i hope you can get a little lesson base on my personal experiences by buying a domain name and please do some research first before you get enter in any kind of matter that i tackle..a lots of thanks and have a pleasant day ..:)