Tavi Gevinson a blogger and founder of thestylerookie.com

This young lady name Tavi Gevinson caught my attention when was im doing a blog hopping on fav group of blogger which is fashion blog because they are all good and kind by allowing me to have a back link to them , though they cant relay on what im writing about over this blog,,lol anyways i really amazed on this young lady who started blogging on the age of 11, mygoodness this was my first time to encounter such blogger like this because me personally i started blogging on the age 20 and im 21 right now and still i have to learn a lot through out blogging and this young lady keeps me¬† inspiring that someday i can be influential on the blogsphere as well like what she did..:) by the way if i’m not mistaken she is 15 right now? and i really find her smart and pretty much fashionable with her generation..

Exclusive interview with Tavi Gevinson from 2010 EPIC Awards