Alright, this post was changed due with some reasons that i was trying to working out on this blog.Because nowadays people are quite mean, and spending too much time by reading and digging each of my linking verbs,subject and so on that is in related on English grammatical thingy, Oh, sorry,I really sorry if you couldn’t understand my english at all, because i was just a poor little boy  that’s been stopped studying on his collage courses and beside, i admit that i hate English when i was studying way back time, but now, i was realized that i need to be proper and well  knowledge on the language, though some of my friends are Americans and even my relatives who often tells me that i am good on their language, but yet still i need to be well grammatical on this blog? or i just stick on what Ive been adept with on how i write a blog post? please suggest me! no worries, all criticism comments are welcome to this entry, just dont hesitance to hit me any, c’mon.

By the way, just want you to all  know that working to these 25 plus blogs is not really that easy, that’s why please,forgive me when you’ve been seen any misspelled and not so proper construction of sentences on my entries because i was too hurry every time i posted out a new blog post that i am trying to avoid, but sorry to me, i cant, because i needed to attend those bunch of paid post entry that was waiting for me each day.

I know i cant please everyone,Ill understand! just dont get too mean to me, ok!

cheer up