My Super One

Symbolize God

My Sister


I know each one of us, has this super special treatment with someone that we call it super one, it could be God,family,Love ones,and even such things that we really like to have with, but for me my super one is my phone, why? yeah it is given that above mentioned(God,family,Love ones,stuff) are my super evarr one but i think my  phone can help me to be their my super one,  because using my phone i can easily connect with them and we can rapidly exchange our thoughts and feelings that we can make us super close and of course to the help on my globe super prepaid card..that’s why i want this new phone Samsung Galaxy S Android phone so that i can evenly connected to my old friends and spread the good news regarding the new services that im using right now on globe which called super one  and in regards on GOD he always knew that he’s the one that i ever Love since day 1..

by the way i consider my self as a super one as well because people looked at me as their super one,so i might be a super one right? why they consider me as their super one? i think it just because i can make them happy everyday and we really connect to each other that is why maybe?

of course you can make your self as superb as you like  to be by doing this stuff on youtube like what i did..Lawlss