I Failed!

Rules General Redemption

Yeah, i failed and please disregard my recently post about on how to redeem quite quickly on this upcoming general redemption using the software roboform because before lockerz posted it on their wall that they will allowing it but right now as lockerz getting into their fully launch they have to change some rules to get fair on the other members i believed! , and please don’t use roboform or such any even attempt so, because lockerz was so strictly about there rules so that we might get ban on their awesome site and sorry if i posted some misleading info in away because i wasn’t know that lockerz will be changing rules by this time, they did anyway,with that please accept my sorry..LOL

Now all we have to do is wait until lockerz posted another rules or update in regards on the upcoming redemption..Lockerz really rocks and i hope all of you will redeem nor at least be first..LOL

First to redeem(lockerz.com)Using Software

General redemption is coming, i know a lot of new members are asking out how other people can redeem so fast in the sense that all products was fresh out just a second,maybe they’re using software or what? yeah there was definitely a software behind those fast redemption that old members  made because as i know way back time, lockerz itself shouted out on their wall  before, that this software is eligible to use in any redemption made by lockerz and the software that im talking about is Roboform, search it and download it for free, what is roboform this software can help you to filling up form in just one click as you made one identities as you downloaded the software , you might know what im talking about when you already have the software..:) i hope i can help you

To lockerz: please let me know if i violate any rules on your site but my intention is clean, i just wanna help those people who are new on your site..hope its that ok to your side..thanks a lot..:)