I want an Ipad!

Who wants Ipad? I know, you are raising your hand too, like i do right now, yeah i am aiming to have at least the cheapest ipad that i could buy, but yet still i need to consider my budget though, i hope i can buy one soon, and i need brand new not those second handed  that might has some malfunctioning parts. Anyways, what is my main reason, why i needed it? Actually i have this lap top already that my sister bought to me, but i need something handy computer that can i bring everywhere i go with, of course i use to often check my account for some update on my clients and all that, and yeah, I think Ipad is the best gadget for me to use to.what do you think?LOL ok im talking nonsense again, bear with it, so yeah, i have to go now and ill definitely update this as i bought my wanting Ipad with me.Thanks!

Please Sponsor Me an Apple IPad..lol

Apple Ipad

I cant help my self to get jealous into those people you have this freakkin awesome ipad  because right now i quite frustrated to have this for real, i can live without my phone, branded clothes and even money0f course  accept my computer because i have to update my online activities  24/7 with some stuff that i have to do everyday thats why ill consider my self to have this gorgeous  Apple Ipad so that i can connect any/everywhere i am, though i have this lap top with me but  ipad is can easily to carry on than a lap top that’s why i want this so badly, can you please gimme one? can you? lol anyways as i posted it here on my wish list, i hope sooner i can be able to buy this on my own money through my hard works online..please wish me luck..:))