8 Reasons Why The Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be A Thing

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Mangagement rings are constantly gaining popularity and it is not at all difficult to understand why that is the case. There are many reasons why you should seriously consider this, with the following 8 being really interesting.

Marriages Are Now Equal

80 percent of women aged under 30 currently support dual earners, equal marriages with shared responsibilities. Since the engagement ring was only seen on the finger of the women, it makes sense to also see them on the finger of the man for equality purposes.

Totes Retrograde

Wearing a wedding ring basically highlights that a person is married. When only women wear it, there is an imbalanced aspect of marriage that appears. Women also have to know that a man is taken. This reduces the possibility of ending up with many fidelity problems.

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Mangagement Rings Are Not So Cheap

Money is highly important for all of us and people have various financial problems. Because of this, we tend to think that we should only buy one ring. As you can easily see when you look online and you can find different price range. One example of Mangagement rings designer is engagement rings for men by Doron Merav.

Can Be Worn Without Proposing

The common practice is nowadays to get a ring when you propose. A woman can propose but without thinking about who proposes, wearing the ring is a status sign. You do not have to propose or be proposed to in order to show that you want to spend the rest of your life with a woman. The engagement ring for men is enough.

Celebrities Embrace The Trend

A clear sign that trends are going to be big is that celebrities embrace them. There are many male celebrities that have been seen wearing mangagement rings, including Michael Buble and the husband of Jennifer Hudson.

Perfect For Same-Sex Couples

Man style engagement rings started to become really popular because of same sex marriages. It is quite clear to notice that many popular same sex celebrities love wearing engagement rings and we see many portrayals of such a wedding in modern television series like Glee or Modern Family.

Men Are Now Open To Wearing Engagement Rings

The world is constantly changing and now we see that close to 70% of men have absolutely no problems with wearing engagement rings. Women basically do not buy the rings because the current cultural staple is different. As more men will be seen wearing engagement rings, the trend will only grow stronger.

Equal Opportunity Exploitation

We have to acknowledge the fact that smart marketers always take advantage of trends that are about to blow up. Because of the equal opportunity standards that are nowadays promoted, many ads started appearing for engagement rings for men. As progress happens and more ads appear, more men are going to

While some people argue that selling mangagement rings is growing in popularity simply because the wedding industry tries to make more money, At the same time, we can see that people embrace them without the ads. In fact, mangagement ring popularity is the reason why the wedding industry now offers more jewelry of this kind.

Winter Essential: C.E. 2015 Winter Snow Gloves

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Might others are pretty much excited on the winter season to come but on the contrary I knew too, that numerous of you guys are not that fond on the type of weather, winter. Because of the coldness that the weather can brings. But you know what? you can still enjoy it by simply having all the essentials needs that can surely makes you always on the go and of course can keep you warm.

And of one them was this awesome C.E. 2015 Winter Snow Gloves tha is dope enough to pull off. Yes! you can either corporate this gloves on your winter fashion style. You can check Google for more lookbook photos for you to have an idea on how you can style yourself with this cool guy here.

C.E. 2015 Winter Snow Gloves is already out on the market to avail hence you should have yourself one now as you wanted yourself to be stylist on the cold breezed months ahead. As I’ve heard, the gloves  has market price of $115 USD that you may avail at the brand’s online store and other affiliated stores in both online and mortar stores. You can heads up on the brand’s main website for more details.

Pretty Wooden Watches at Jord

Like a lot of men I also like watches and would seldom leave home without wearing one. Through the years I’ve collected quite a number of both genuine leather, stainless steel, and plastic wrist watches. I meticulously take care of them because I’ve spent quite a fortune already. But nevertheless, I’m very proud of my collection and would sometimes show them off to my friends. I don’t know if I’d outgrow this hobby but for now I still enjoy looking and shopping for new timepieces. I do my purchasing at both brick and mortar stores and online. There’re actually many online stores that sell all types of watches, even luxury watches.

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Wooden Watches For Sale

One type of watch that I’m sure not many people are familiar with are wooden watches and an online store where you can get them is JORD. They’re focused on manufacturing handcrafted wood timepieces that’re modeled after a modern lifestyle. They give importance to sustainability, efficiency, simplicity, and practical living. Owners of Jord watches don’t just have somewhere to be but they have somewhere to go. Jord’s hardwoods come from many parts of the world and are aged in the open air and sealed with natural oil extracts. The types of wood they use are ebony, koa, purpleheart, zebrawood, rosewood, sandalwood, maple, and bamboo. Each timepiece is made from a mix of precision CNC machining, laser engraving, and hand finishing. They likewise have a variety of automatic, mechanical, tourbillon, and quartz movements and are known for their accuracy, durability, and shock resistance.

 photo F8FFA8F1-D405-4512-9590-AC0C8C483019_zps4miahgor.jpg

I’m happy to have received a Sully Series Dark Sandalwood & Maple watch from Jord. I just love its design and how comfortable it is to use. Because of its versatility, I’m able to use it whatever the occasion is, be it casual or formal. This watch shows how cool it is with its bubbled bezel, exaggerated numbers, and wide band showcase. Among its notable features are scratch resistant mineral glass and deployment buckle with push buttons. It has Citizen Miyota 2035 Movement and a quartz crystal tuning fork. The natural dark sandalwood and maple is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. Furthermore, it’s splash-proof.

There’re a couple of things you have to remember though when you have this timepiece. For cleaning the natural wood, you’ll have to use lemon or orange oil extract. It’s also advised to store it in a place that’s not so hot or cold and in excessively humid environments. This watch really has it all and I look so stylish wearing it.

This coming Christmas, don’t think of any other gift for your loved one. Just head on over to woodwatches.com and check out all their collection of beautiful watches.

Budget Shopping at ShopBack #ShopBackPH

I’m a guy who likes collecting footwear whatever type it may be – boots, formal shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes, flip flops/sandals, and loafers. Being a metrosexual, I like fashion and believe that a man’s fashion sense shouldn’t just show on his clothes but should likewise extend in the shoes he wears. Although I shop both at physical and online stores, nowadays I shop more often online because I find it convenient, easier, faster, and more economical. I’ve purchased items from different online stores and Zalora is one of my favorites. I’ve shopped countless times from them and so far I’ve never had any problems.

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I recently bought this great-looking leather toe post sandals from their own Zalora brand for casual trips to the mall and elsewhere. This dark brown sandals feature an intertwined effect detail near the toe-post with a minimal sandal design. I like that it’s comfortable, stylish, durable, and affordable. Having said that, shopping can really put a hole in your pocket. Good thing there’re sites like ShopBack that offers coupons, discounts, and other freebies. They source the best deals and discounts for you on fashion, lifestyle, travel, and many more. They then give you up to 30% cashback on top of existing voucher codes and discounts when you shop online (through their site) at any of their 300+ merchant stores. Your cashback is unlimited which means that the more you spend, the more you earn your money back.

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I actually bought my new leather toe post sandals from Zalora through ShopBack. Using it is a breeze. You can head to the category you want – like the fashion one to see all the top fashion merchants. Just click the store you want to shop in or the voucher you want to use, then you’ll be redirected to the store of your choice. Once there, shop like you always do and make your purchase on the merchant’s website. You’ll see your cashback reflected on your ShopBack account within 24 to 48 hours. Simply repeat the whole process if you want to purchase more items. Shopping through ShopBack really does help me save some money which I can use with other things. It’s just amazing.

Men’s Fashion: Streetwear Basics

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Wearing streetwear will either be a hit or a miss. You don’t just put on an attire and expect it to be perfect. You have to have a certain style that appeals to be able to pull off a look. If you consider yourself a chic guy, do your best to don streetwear that rocks. Images of luxury athletic wear, looks popularized by punk rockers, rappers, and skateboarders always come to mind. Nowadays, it’s appeal is becoming more universal because of its penetration into high-end fashion. Thanks to popular designers who never miss to incorporate essential items of streetwear culture in their seasonal collections.

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There’re a couple of things you need to remember when it comes to streetwear. Sport your favorite brand’s logo whether it’s on a T-shirt, sweatshirt, bomber jacket, and cap but don’t overdo it, just one or two logos will do. Also remember that streetwear should be shapeless and baggy, and at least one size bigger. Furthermore, one of more buttons should be undone. When talking about sweatpants, you can wear them with an oversized shirt but don’t pair them with tailored items such as a structured blazer. Statement shirts is also a staple of everyday streetwear. Sometimes the more shocking the statement, the better. We also often see a jacket tied around the waist worn with these statement shirts.

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Camouflage is another fashionable streetwear that’s versatile and designed to blend in with its background. Another streetwear essential are baseball caps which can be worn with a not-so formal tailored jacket. Make sure though, that the overall look is still casual (jeans and sneakers). In streetwear, shoes not only need to be chosen for utmost effect but should be carefully thought of. Shoes are a huge staple in the streetwear scene. To stand out, select a pair of sneakers that will contrast with the colors of your outfit. If you’re wearing an all-black ensemble, wear white sneakers. Choose from popular and versatile styles like these here which you can wear while you’re playing your favorite sport, and of course during casual outings.

Black Scale 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

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Men in majority are fond with these kind of tee, basic tees, than to those casual finds. Yes, I included. Because these tees are pretty comfortable and you can go on anywhere and do all things you wanted without a limit. That is why I knew most of you guys are wanting yourself too, to have some of these tees that you could rock with everyday. Well, good thing that the Black Scale had released its own label for men’s tees that we could actually pick as we’re liking to have such kind of piece for your wardrobe.

If you were asking me, I really prefer myself wearing these kind of basic tees. Because they are simply and easily to pair with thus you cant go wrong in your fashion as you have them. Just learn though on how to mix and match the clothes you have and the colors for you to master in a away on how to pull these tees off.

As for this moment, Black Scale had already released these collection in the market to avail. You could just heads up to their main stores, both mortar and online, for you to see further details such as the availability and pricing ranges of each piece they’ve got for all of us dope guys. Alright, that will be all and please keep on tuning in here for more men’s fashion updates and news.