2ne1 rockin on forver21 jewerly


The K-pop group 2ne1 had shared this photo online through their me2day account( dara’s do) if I am not mistaken. And a lot of netizers were asking on what brand was this bracelets that they’re all wearing. And as I dig the Google page, I found out that these bracelets are from one of their sponsor which the Forever21. Actually, Ive seen them wearing the forever21 rings already but I doesn’t aware that the brand is one of their major sponsors.


This was the photo were their wears this forever21 ring. So, if you wanted to have the same bracelet or ring as them. Just check on the nearest forever21 stores where you do reside and they might the same pieces that 2ne1 had in here. Alright, that’s it for now and I will update you more celebrity fashion and jewelry.Thanks!

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