Fashionable Vintage Bike


I’d loved something fashionable whether it’s clothes,kicks and anything that are looks dope with me. This recently, while I am searching some stuff over Google Ive found this awesome vintage fashion bike that can really caught my attention. Because this was my first time then to see such awesomeness bike like this, though there were some bikes in here that are good looking one but yet still this bike is way different to those usual one.

I know most people rather those fashion enthusiasts out there are looking forward to have some quirky things that they may use on their daily lives. And I think this bike is way great to have,isn’t it? however, as you have this bike on, you’ll be needed to have this suv bike racks that can support your bike as you traveling using a car. Because this can hold the bike properly and we can avoid some accidents maybe happen to it.

Me, personally, I was looking forward to have this kind of bike but bad thing I don’t have enough money to spend though but whenever I’d got some bucks then pretty soon I will also consider my self having one of this bike. I will make you updated as I got mine soon. 🙂

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