Owning the Best Leather Shoes


I happen to love shoes. Although I have more casual shoes, sneakers and rubber shoes in my closet, there are a couple of leather shoes that I treasure. For people who like shoes with a lot of class and history associated with it, Crockett & Jones is the perfect choice. The business started in 1879 in Northampton manufacturing and selling top of the line footwear. Over the years it has evolved into something that a lot of shoe lovers can never be without. The quality of the shoes is quite unparalleled. They are made meticulously by highly skilled experts resulting in durable, stylish and comfortable shoes.

The Men’s shoes consist of collections such as Hand Grade Collection, Main Collection and Shell Cordovan Collection, while there are low heeled shoes and boots for women. Aside from selling shoes, they offer additional services that customers would definitely appreciate. Full repairs are offered for its Goodyear Welted shoes and boots. They are returned to the factory where service can take up to ten weeks. Most of their retail shops also offer repairs which are done in two weeks. If you are a regular customer, they definitely have a record of your detailed shoe size. Furthermore, you can have something made especially for you. The choice of style and materials is yours. There is also a fully bespoke service available only in Paris.

Crockett & Jones has branches in UK (London and Birmingham), USA (New York), France (Paris), and Belgium (Brussels). They have a total of 11 retail shops and concessions. There are shops in knightsbridge in London that customers frequent. The newest branch of Crockett & Jones happens to be in Knightsbridge. There, shoppers will again be subjected to all the quality and elegant products as well as the excellent service that Crockett & Jones has been famous for.

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