COLDSMOKE Ikkuma Flannel

 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-1_zps3c237790.jpg

 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-2_zpsd3b5e509.jpg

 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-3_zps31003580.jpg

One of the finest contemporary outdoor brand these days called COLDSMOKE  had released their new collection namely Ikkuma Flannel. I dont actually know what’s the usual finds we could see at this brand. Because this was my first time then to heard about them. Anyway, it seems that they did have some great things to offer for us to be as dope as we could. Because look, their button down has a great texture prints which can make you feel comfortable as you wears it. Also, I simply loves how they uses strips on it which can added accentual thing in overall look.

Other good thing was, this button down, photo on top, is now available at the brand’s main web store. You can heads up to there for you to see the full details and availability of the shirt. Also, as I’ve heard, this button down has an price of $280 USD per each at the brand’s ( COLDSMOKE) mortar stores either in online shop.

Okay, that will be all for now and as I know any additional details on this newest collection of COLDSMOKE. I’ll be surely update you all in here, Thanks so much and have a pleasant day to everyone.



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