Finding Inspiration For The Bedrooms In Your Home

Looking for inspiration for the bedrooms in your house? Stop scratching your head and expecting amazing ideas to appear by magic. Go looking for inspiration instead! This guide tells you where to find it for the three categories of bedrooms you might have; adults, kids and guest.

For the adults bedrooms

“Better to see something once that hear about it a thousand times,” goes the saying. This is true for many things, and it’s true for finding home inspiration. So, pack your backs and go and see new ideas in person. Travelling abroad will open you up to a whole new world of design and interior possibilities. Stay in a Scandinavian hotel to see how they do pared-back chic, clean lines and muted colours. Or go to Morocco and Tunisia, where key colours like red, orange and brown create a rustic, warm tone. While you’re in these places you can even pick up items to take home with you, like rugs and lanterns. See some stunning Moroccan bedroom designs via this link.


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For the kids bedroom

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, the internet is the place to go! There are so many creative parents and designers all around the world. Via the web you can see all of the ideas together in one place. Pinterest is great for collecting together different ideas. You can make boards that you ‘pin’ different images on. If you’re resigning your kid’s room, do this with a number of viable options. That way, when they look at your board and choose their favourite, you already know you can follow through with it! Interior design magazines and blogs are other great places to look. And how about when it comes to picking the furniture? Bunk beds are an ideal option for kids room. Take a look at these cute bunk beds for girls from Cuckooland, for example.They’re more fun than standard beds, and save on floor space too.

For the guest bedroom

When it comes to finding inspiration for your guest rooms, look to how Bed and Breakfasts do it. Firstly, consider the fact that as a number of different people will be staying in the room, it will need to have versatility. Some of us like to be cool at night; for those people, have a bottom sheet on the bed. However, some of us like to get warm and cosy. For those people, keep an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed, or in the wardrobe. You could add a reading nook or table so they can spend more time in there. Then think about items that your guests might not have with them, or have forgotten. Guesthouses often make up little baskets with these items inside. You could do the same. Add towels, spare toothbrushes and cotton pads. If you let guests or lodgers use the room regularly, it might be useful to write and print a little guide. Put things like the WIFI password and how to open windows with complicated locks. This will save them from having to come and find you to ask after lights-out.

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