Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey

 photo nike-sportswear-lunar-pegasus-89-mercury-grey-1_zps32ad8bf3.jpg

Seems that most of the shoe brands and labels today are used to released their each new collection and designs of shoes in the market. I dunno, if this the time where all the brands releasing their new in shoe’s designs because it seems it is. Because I’ve seen a lot of new designs of kicks this recently that I dunno why companies and brands are keep on doing so. Because you really gives us an hard time to choose where we could buy our kicks. LOL Kidding aside! brands may release continuously their new in designs , for both shoes and apparel,  and we dont have any control with that since they were working as hard just to offer us this most competitive and trendy pieces for today’s fashion.

A day ago, If I am not mistaken. The one leading shoe brand called Nike had released its new kicks which has an name of ” Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey” it is nice and versatile. Because this kind of shoe is can be wear off in shorts either to pants. Why do I say so? because I do have the kinda resemblance shoe from New balance with this new Nike shoes. I will posted it soon as I got time to do an outfit post for this site,

As for now, I haven’t any details yet on this Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey like the pricing ranges, availability and so on. However, soon enough… the brand itself, Nike, will then update us all for their new cooked kicks here, the Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey.

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