Funny Requirements of Hostgator Customer Support Representative

as id applied before on the Hosgator liked what ive been blogged last time, one thing that ive been forgot to tells you which this quite funny requirements that they supposedly wanted me to do, you may read it below..


Thank you for sending in documentation.

However, upon review of you ID, we would like to ask you to please send a photo of yourself holding your ID, near your face. Please be sure that we can clearly see both you and your ID.

yeah nowadays i think they’re really requires new signup customers to do this kind because my blogging friend who is about to have her own account was required as well to do it but she cant make it though because of the funny requirements it self..LOL but me, because i was too insistently wanted to move on the hosting company i really did it¬† and finally approved by them as i done doing it..hahaa and please dont ask me the photo because i deleted it already..

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