How long do i spend to write my post done?

Well, i am fast as much i can, because as we all know that i was running 20 plus blogs alone and i dont have any companion who can help me with to these bunch of personal idea each day that i s why i dont have any choice in me just to write these posts alone,what the heck right? its like im torturing my self out? yeah indeed, im torturing my self i would say!ahah ok kidding aside, managing 20 plus blogs are quite hard on the first place but if you have this perseverance and willingness to write and write without dead end of writing, i think you may adopt the environment and might adept your self sooner as you continuing doing your part each day, thats how i did to manage my blogs out and i think through my attitude,a lot of prospective advertisers will consider me then because they might see this hard working that ill be showing off to them,( i hope so) hahah i find my self funny now because i sounded quite boastful by lifting up my self over this post..LOL anyways bear with it!

I think i am wrote such nonsense on the first part and the title was indeed far on the written at first, sorry! well how long do i spend to write my post done? actually most of my blog entry has this at least 200 words long because thats the minimum size i believe in order for you get a bunch of work though and  if you are asking me? hmm i can write my things out in just 3 minutes in the minimum size,..haha yeah i can do that without knowing if i spell my words right or not, well, its ok though because wordpress has this correction spell feature that i can use every time! ok thats enough for now because i think my mouth rather hands is not stoppable for sharing on what on my mind now..LOL ok ill make another post right after i publish this,thanks!

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