I want the ipad2

I blogged before on this blog that I finally bought my first Ipad which the old and first Ipad released by the Apple company in US. However, due of the competition to the other brand of tablet computers, Apple released this ipad2 on the market that has this well developed featured than the first one, that’s why then I was quite insistently now to have it the ipad2 instead. To the sense that Ive been bought my ipad last 3 months ago and now its quite out to the hip? What the heck,right? Anyways, that’s life then..haaah I just hope now that I may buy this ipad2 rather I will wait on the ipad3 to be available on the market and buy it so. Hopefully I may have enough money though by that time. Let see, I will update you on this blog once I got my new ipad tablet computer.

Meanwhile, lemme finish this post and give way for my other blog to get updated becuase its been a long time then when I last time visited them and updated. LOL I hope Google wouldn’t penalized me so.

One thought on “I want the ipad2

  1. hi there! blogwalking here!

    my dad is actually cintemplating on whether he’ll get an ipad or a samsung galaxy sII. do you know which one is better.

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