Shorten Your link Using Google

Just want to let you all know guys that Google has already a shortener site which the honestly i quite amazed on the shortener site because of its domain and one thing that  i clearly known that Google can make anything impossible inside the web because id never seen something (dot) gl domain around the web beside of Google  uh..ehhe anyways what do you think the main reason why webmasters have to shorten their link before sharing it to those social networking,forum, twitter and many more? ok as i know(on my personal idea) we have to shorten our link to hide the parent domain to those people who maybe gets annoyed over it? i dunno, just one thing is im pretty sure that if you have some referral link  and to avoid your readers to over take your link you must shorten it so that they definitely sign up under by you..thats right?

By the way Ive remembered that Ive been using the shorten site before to by pass the script that friendster has by that time because i use to make my personal overlay theme way back time over my friendster profile by codings  though but suddenly friendster detected the code to their server that i pissed about the site because i cant longer use my theme to their site and they made a high script to filter it out my codes as goodness by the way its ok then because i killed my account already and i don’t have a plan to waste my time to their site again because i finally seen what facebook can make to my daily lives and helped me on my online marketing stuff..ok i think that will be all and thanks by the way for listen my short freakin

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