I’ve got an free sunglasses. Nice!

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Yes yes yow, I am so happy today because finally my free sunglasses on my last client has been arrived on my door today. I cant believe that there’s some companies who has this interest on me rather on blog to give me such this awesome freebies. Actually, this isn’t my first time then to receive such gifts because Ive got already an flip flops which I believed you’d had been read it before over this blog as well, and the other freebies was this ties from the ties company in the US, and yesterday someone emailed me again that they were going to send me one book that tackles all the fashion happenings,events,people and such related topics. I cant wait to see it though and blog it again over this blog. Alright, that’s it for now and will update you once I got the book that I was telling you so. Thanks folks and have a great weekdays ahead.

Free USA and CANADA Calls From GOOGLE

Yeah you heard it right you may now call your relatives and friends over Google mail,because if i am not mistaken before, this freebies is affiliated on skype under Google but this year Google stopped the free call around the world using skype with the expand time of 5 min each call you been made because they planned to make it under your gmail or Google mail it self, sound great right? now as you have a gmail account you can call any areas around the state and even on Canada for free but in regards on international calls i think you have to pay on that but in reasonable price of course and as i checked it international calls cost you into a minimal amount of 0.10 cent but its depend also how any min , hours you been called ..

the free call for USA and Canada will last until the end of this year meaning next year 2010 all calls has a payment then so take advantage now to this awesome freebies that Google want us to experience with , no worries you don’t have to download such software all you have to do is login to your Google mail account then on the sidebar you will see a call image rather text then click on that a pad will shown up and type the number(s) you would like to call and thats it..:) by the way i tried it already and its worked..thanks to Google

Free t-shirt On Lockerz.com

Free Tee from Lockerz.com

Lockerz.com given away a free tee for those members who reached out the z-lister status meaning if you been referred 20 at least new members on the site you are eligible to receive this kind of tee  and yeah i did that, ive been referred 75 people to sign up on the site in just 3 days and lockerz promises this tee as a thankfully giveaway to us z-listers..

I got a z-lister status last 3 months ago  and now after a long waits the tee was arrived on mah house this morning july 8,2010 and im quite happy with it because lockerz makes it promises and i have it on my hand for real because im quite doubting before when i was new on the site but when i received email that they will shipping a free tee id like to believe then..and now i 100 percent sure that this site is legit ..lol

Ok ill include my lockerz redemption update on this post as well….after the shop bonus redemption for those members who purchased at least 0.79 on shop now both US and international are still predicting when was the general redemption gonna happen because lockerz is unpredictable as always ,,lol and i hope i can be able to redeem by this time around..crosses fingered.. by the way lockerz general redemption was expecting to occur on july 2 to july 10 and now its already 8 of july meaning we only have 2 days to wait..lol good luck

Lockerz.com Updates

Lockerz.com Redemption update

I received inquires, questions on how does lockerz.com redemption works? so that i decided to make this as my series of post, yeah if you don’t understand how’s lockerz.com work just go on my freebies category or this recently on my lockerz category and i hope it can help you to understand whats on the entire lockerz site..but please don’t get me wrong i am not a employee on the said site im just doing this to help other people out who seek a wide information about lockerz.com but i do believed that all of your questions and inquiries has a answered on lockerz.com site it self , just don’t get afraid to ask and email them on what are the things bothering you or what..its really help..wink2 ok ok i have to go now and please do update on this series post of mine and let see if we can redeem an items after we exchange idea’s on this page..thanks

Thanks a lot danielfootwear.com for the awesome gift..(dance)

Who doesn’t like freebies? i bet no one,we really like it whatever it is.. as long is free and kicking..lol  and yes danielfootwear.com gave me a awesome gift that i really like because they been my sponsor quite a while and now they sent me a great pair of flip flop that is absolutely free..you can check the proof below

danielfootwear.com danielfootwear.com danielfootwear.com

and i just wanna thank Ms Siti a seo and social media consultant who is working on a uk company the blueclaw.co.uk for assisting me and answering all of  my freakkin questions about this free gift and thanks a well for reaching me out though my blog is quite new and have no page rank for now but they still believing that this blog of mine has a potential online that can help their customer to be well know on the search engine..because they do search first to those blogs who has or can have a good standing on Google right now or in the future, i believed .. anyways  i hope not just this awesome flip flop that i can get through out my blogging activities..crosses fingers and wait i will even explain why companies love to advertise to my blogs on my blog ronelmarin.net and can have a idea on how to work out on it :)..so see you there..thanks (wink2) 😉

Freebies site like lockerz.com the Fribiz.com

A friend of mine invited me on this website fribiz.com who can give us such fribiz like what lockerz did, but first before we continue , bear in mind  that this post is not a paid post or advertiser post i just find it interesting that’s why i decided to put in here..lol anyways, actually i just browsing the whole site right now and trying my best to understand how is work but as much as i understand it , this site working on a referral basis wherein you have to refer someone that can make points to you then the points you’ve earned can be bid on in any items that is available on their product page , but im not sure though,lol just try to navigate the site if you have your account so, and please don’t request any link out of here to be able for you to sign up on the site because as Ive said that this post was under my disclaimer, just go on the parent link that is written on the title of this post and by the way you must have an facebook account first before signing up, because only facebook can be use to access their sign up link and stuff..:)

Another ways to get an items on Lockerz.com beside of the Monthly Redemption

Lockerz.com Redemption

Due of the huge traffic that i got on my recently post how does lockerz redemption works i just want to share with you guys some ways  for us to get any items/products that we really love on the said website for free that is available on the Lockerz monthly catalog and one of them is by joining their contest(s) but as for to today i wont heard any new contest on their side but i do believe that sooner they’ll have another great contest that most members talk about , just be updated all of the time on their wall, if they’ll having a new one and  its might also help  for you to understand hows that lockerz.com works,lol but no worries they have a shop now wherein we can use our pointz as well not only by their monthly redemption but also to buy any items that we want that is suit on the pointz we have or have any discounted on the certain product(s)that we chosen ..its really depends on the pointz we have..really! but  if you have a lot of pointz you might get the product for free including the shipment fee for just only 150 pointz that is deducted on your total pointz but please bear in mind since the lockerz is on beta right now ,shop would not available on their international members as for today but do fairness to them they still working out regarding on the custom issues in order  their international members can be participate on their shop as well and i hope they’ll resolve it as soon as they can so that everyone will be happy using the site..:)

NOTE: this post is under on my disclaimer..:)

How Does Lockerz Redemption Works?

Yeah, I knew a Lot of those New member(s) on Lockerz.com are having a hard time to understand How does lockerz redemption works? so in that case let me help you out to explain what i know about  how does it works..

-First Lockerz is on Beta right now, meaning their not accepting a walk in Customer(s)/member(s) to be sign up directly to their website because they still developing the entire website, but you can sign up, if your friend or any member(s) on the said website, send you  an invitation  to sign up that is the only way for you to get in, and after you get in, you must have to earn points by answering their dailies question and login ptz so that by the end of the month they’ll allow you to redeem  in any item(s) who suit to your points that is included on their catalog ..did you get it?? if not, try to browse the site and you can see what im trying to say..

-Most of you are also asking on how many redemption(s) that lockerz do per month? Actually their no assurances how many they are, but one thing is for sure that lockerz can give one redemption to all members per month that is always occurs  by the end of the month, but please bear in mind that they don’t announce further information when it does redemption gonna happen,i am referring with Time and Date, so if you are  insistently to redeem your points, you must be stay up all night so that you wouldn’t  miss the redemption..lol

-I hope, I can answer most of your questions about lockerz redemption and thanks by the way, by searching this topic on this blog , i just tracked it and find it informative to others that’s why i got to blog this into here..:)

Thanks Danielfootwear for Sponsoring this blog..

Yeah,I got sponsored on this blog though this blog is new, its just about 3 months almost now,  maybe they noticed me because im a do follow blog? what do you think? anyways i got shocked when i received the email that they’re inviting me to a deal wherein they just want to put their widget  ads on my sidebar like what you’ve seen on my sidebar now who titled the D.K.N.Y and that christian Dior one and in return they will sponsoring me a blog contest if i want,since i don’t want to have any blog contest right now, Ive been decided to take the sponsored prize that they’ll giving away ,lol how shellfish i am? because i heard that one of their awesome designer’s flip flop is the prize to be, so i have to  get it to my self of course, then i will think after what and when can i get my own blog contest using my earnings to this blog not that designer’s flip flop as a prize..ahahha that is sounds good? by the way the company who gave me the awesomely  sponsorship is danielfootwear.com and because i got happy on  what they are giving me, i did a short review on their site that is posted here , a lot of thanks to them and i am looking forward to encounter or get such any sponsorship like this..hahah thanks and please do always update me here because soon ill have my blog contest and i hope you can participate on it..:)

Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Arrives In The UK

I know a lot of my fashionable readers would like to know about this awesome news that the gorgeous Gwen Stefani’s shoe line label L.A.M.B. has just launched their latest range of heels that finally arriving  on UK that will be only available on the online store danielfootwear.com that’s why if i were  you must get your fave shoes now because all of the UK fans are staring to mob about the shoes and the funny thing was, even my sister is overthrowing me to use my paypal just to have at least one pair of this kind, and she was insistently right now ,lol but let me thing first if i allow her to use my account and get her dreaming L.A.M.B sandals,hihe by the way i got some of their product pictures below

And the good things was they just all ranging to £199 up to £235 , how cheap uh, into a designer’s shoe