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I received inquires, questions on how does redemption works? so that i decided to make this as my series of post, yeah if you don’t understand how’s work just go on my freebies category or this recently on my lockerz category and i hope it can help you to understand whats on the entire lockerz site..but please don’t get me wrong i am not a employee on the said site im just doing this to help other people out who seek a wide information about but i do believed that all of your questions and inquiries has a answered on site it self , just don’t get afraid to ask and email them on what are the things bothering you or what..its really help..wink2 ok ok i have to go now and please do update on this series post of mine and let see if we can redeem an items after we exchange idea’s on this page..thanks

7 thoughts on “ Updates

  1. di mo pa na-update link ko sa blogroll mo 🙁
    nga pala, pag inupdate kung ok lang wag sa pangalan ko, hehe! link mo nalang as The Daily Blah. salamat!! 🙂

  2. kuya, what time does the general redemption usually start here sa philippines? and usually anong date po sa month?

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