Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Pets into Your Wedding

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Put Them on Your Invites

One way you can get your pets into your wedding is by featuring them on your wedding stationery. You can have their image or their name on your invites to include them in your day from the beginning. Look at the personalised wedding invitations from Paper Themes to see how you could have their names included. Or you could do DIY invites with a photo or an artistic interpretation of your furry friend. You can do the same with your other stationery too, from place cards at the reception to programs. Try using a cut drawing or motif that you can put on lots of different things.

Get Them in Your Decorations

As well as your stationery, you could also use your pets in your decorations and other details. Maybe you could have tablecloths with your cat on them or paper mobiles with images of your birds. Get creative with all the ways you could use your pet’s image or name in your wedding. Maybe your welcome sign as everyone arrives at the reception could say “Thank you from John, Jane and Fluffy”. Perhaps you could put a photo of your pet in the flower arrangements. Or you could include them in a montage of pictures of the happy couple. It doesn’t have to be an exact likeness of your pet. Maybe you’re found an ink stamp in the shape of a rabbit that you love.

Have Them Attend

In some cases, you might be able to have your pet come to the wedding. Of course, to do this, they’re going to have to be well behaved. It’s most likely that you’ll bring your dog. However, you might also consider another pet you can put on a leash. For example, you might be able to have your cat, rabbit or ferret there. Some couples choose to get married on a farm and have larger animals attend too, such as horses. You could have them simply be present, or you might give them a role in the ceremony. Ring bearer is a popular choice for dogs. Before you invite your pet to the wedding, think about whether it’s something they can handle.

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Getting Ready in the Morning

If you don’t think your pet could stand the hustle and bustle of the wedding, they can still be part of the day. You might like to have them keep you company in the morning as you get ready. Of course, there could be an argument over who gets to have them around as you prepare for the day! This option is easiest when you’re planning to get ready at home. However, if you’re in a hotel, they might allow pets. Even if they don’t usually, asking nicely could get you far. Have photos taken as you get ready, and you can make sure your beloved pal is in your wedding memories. Just watch out for fur, which you definitely don’t want on your dress. Have a lint roller or clothes brush on hand, just in case.

Take Some Photos

Putting your pets in your photos is another great way to get them in your wedding. You might not want to have them around for the whole day, but having someone bring them for photos is an alternative. You could have them there to take formal photos after the ceremony or maybe for something more casual. Your dog might need a runaround part way through the day anyway, so it’s a good excuse to give them some exercise. Have some fun photos taken of an informal moment playing fetch. It could help you let go of some tension too!

Your pet can become a part of your big day in lots of different ways. If it’s not possible for them to come, you can still get them into the wedding in another way.

Fun Shopping Tours in Rome

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Rome isn’t the Eternal City for nothing. Nearly 3,000 years of globally influential architecture, art, and culture are on full display in every corner of Rome. This fact makes Italy’s capital a traveler’s haven. There’re so many things to do in Rome. You can visit the ancient building Pantheon which now serves as the tomb of monarchs and many other great people or go to the 1st century AD Colosseum, the representation for stadium construction. Then there’s the Sistine Chapel, the last stop on the Vatican Museum tour, where you can see the amazing frescoed ceiling by Michelangelo. The tour wouldn’t be complete if you don’t visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the centerpiece of the Catholic Church worldwide.

 photo Mens-Paris-Fashion-Week-Street-Style-Spring-Summer-2015-Bloggers-JL-JS._zpsflgwtiik.jpg

Aside from the wonderful and breathtaking tourist spots, you can likewise have fun shopping at many stores and boutiques. The great thing about shopping in Rome is that you don’t have to do it by yourself. There’re fashion and personal shopping tours where you explore some of the trendiest boutiques and get fashion advice from your personal shopper. During these tours, you can go around the city streets to take in the local atmosphere and explore the local streets through a walking tour of the city. Plus, you can fix your own schedule and have a choice whether to go shopping in the morning or afternoon.

Your personal shopper will be more than willing to accompany you to some of the city’s most popular boutiques and other less famous but equally engaging stores selling clothes, accessories, and makeup that’re affordable and wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket. Withlocals, a marketplace that connects travelers from every corner of the world with locals in countries offering unique travel experiences and home dining opportunities, can help you find the best personal shopping tour in Rome. Rest assured that your local personal shopper will share whatever fashion and shopping know-how he/she has to you.

Exciting Ideas for a Totally Unique Wedding

Having a totally unique wedding is a must if you want your guests to remember it as much as you. You want your wedding to not only stand out in everybody’s minds, but mean something to you and your partner too. A unique wedding is a must. Here are some exciting ideas you can use:

Show off Your Personalities

Make sure you show off your personalities when you’re planning your wedding. Hardly anybody sticks to tradition anymore; they all like to incorporate things that really mean something to them, rather than things that meant something to other people years ago. If you both have a hobby that you love, why not include that? There are so many ways you can make your wedding unique, it’s a simple case of using your imagination. Assuming you’ve been to friend’s weddings, you’ll know how they can sometimes blend in with one another. Make yours stand out!

Create a Custom Logo

Something couples have started doing before their big day, is creating a custom logo. This is a fun logo that means something to them as a couple, that they include on all of the printed materials for the wedding. You can include it on invites, RSVPs, favours, and so on.

Give Out Thoughtful Favours

Nobody really likes to be given sugared almonds, so why not give out thoughtful favours instead? If you have lots of guests coming for a destination wedding, then why not hand out some nice flip flops? If you’re having your wedding outdoors in your hometown, you could give out scarf/wraps to keep everybody warm. Make the favours worthwhile and people will remember it!

 photo 9532350014_ba6f9170ce_k_zpszg0mokxw.jpg


Change Your Look

Why not change your look half way through the day? Some brides are doing this with a dress that transforms; during the ceremony it’s a full on wedding gown, then it transforms into something sleeker and sexier for the evening do. You could even change into a special separate dress you’ve bought for the evening. Even if you don’t want to change out of your wedding dress, you could change your look. Why not re-do your hair a different style, try a different makeup look, or change your jewellery? All eyes will be on you, and you’ll have lots of fun. Make sure you have a unique wedding photographer to capture your changing look too!

Choreograph Your Dance

Have some fun choreographing your dance moves for the day. You could have a special surprise dance with your other half, or even one with your dad! You don’t have to start breakdancing, but making the dance show off your personalities more will make your day more memorable.

Exciting Food Treats

Something else the guests will remember about the day; your food. Serving exciting food treats is a great way to keep everybody going. Why not surprise your guests later on with a snack of cookies and a milky cocktail? You could even have a ‘make your own hot drinks’ table so that your guests are ready to party for longer.

Have a wonderful day!

Don’t speculate: A man’s guide to eyewear

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Good news for men who wear glasses: men’s fashion circles now embrace glasses as an expression of a person’s self and their style, rather than ridiculing them as an accessory to correct sight impairment. With this in mind, just how does the normal guy about town go about choosing eyeglasses?

A man’s choice of eyewear should depend upon his style, as well as his face shape; his glasses should complement his look rather than defining it. Rounder face shapes tend to suit thin, rectangular lenses, while square jaws will be softened with round frames. Those with oval faces may find that thicker frames add depth to their faces, although just about any style can be adapted to suit. Finally, heart-shaped faces suit a butterfly-tapered frame – that is, glasses that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom. Color is also something that must be considered. A man who works in a professional capacity should probably think about metallic, black or grey frames, while those in less formal professions can often play around a little more. The key is individuality because glasses are far more readily accepted in fashion circles these days, and so a gentleman shouldn’t be afraid to be bold.

Eyewear options without limits

One thing a man should consider if he is choosing spectacles is style vs. function. Are his glasses a fashion statement disguised as a solution to poor vision, or should their sole purpose be their functionality? Those that play sport, for example, will need to think about the type of eyeglasses they choose, while others may have a little more freedom to browse. Spectacles that could potentially take a lot of battering must be sturdier than those worn in an office all day, after all. Trendy styles this season include round lens aviators, retro browliners that, funnily enough, brush the brow, and wayfarers – it seems that big and bold is best this season.

While it’s undeniable that eyeglasses can be functional and trendy, as well as to die for in some cases, there are those for whom facial furniture just isn’t working. Perhaps they’re conscious of highlighting their sight impairments, find the idea of glasses simply too bold, they work in a profession that makes glasses impractical, or they’re really into sports and fear spectacles getting broken. Whatever the reason there are options including lenses and laser eye surgery, which will make sight impairment a thing of the past.

Lenses can be a great choice for the fashion conscious man about town, giving him the opportunity to choose glasses as and when it suits him, or to keep his visual impairment completely to himself. Laser surgery, meanwhile, is a much more permanent means of correcting sight problems, and would be particularly suitable for somebody that needs a long-term solution, and freedom from glasses and lenses. While much more costly than both eyeglasses and lenses in the short term, many fashionistas find that surgery saves them a fortune in eyewear costs over the course of a lifetime. The choice, of course, is up to the individual, but it really does pay to consult the experts first. A registered and accredited clinic, such as the Minneapolis LASIK eye surgery will be able to answer any questions a man may have about his eye care, as well as taking excellent care of his needs and health.

Eyewear is a hot topic in the world of fashion: to accessorize, or not to accessorize? Luckily for the man about town there are plenty of options available these days, from the types of frame they can choose, to the solutions available that don’t include eyeglasses. It is, of course, perfectly possible for a man to choose lenses or laser eye surgery, and then for him to wear vanity lenses when he feels like it. There are no limits in men’s fashion.


Choosing The Right Hairstyle

As a guy, you don’t have that many options when thinking about how to change your style. You could buy a new wardrobe but this is quite an expensive change. The only chance you have to regularly change your look is with your hairstyle. Changing your hairstyle gives you the opportunity to keep up with trends and to always look your best. That’s why I think the hairstyle a guy chooses is quite an important decision. It’s affected by a few different factors. You need to think about your head size and shape as well as how much maintenance you can handle. Your hair might look fantastic with it super short on the sides and long on top. But only if you take the time to style it each morning. If you don’t want to spend that much time on your hair, you need a low maintenance cut. Here are some other issues to consider.

 photo 15088803860_e495b13351_z_zpsqhrbcwmp.jpg


Thinning Hair

One of the biggest worries for a guy is that their hair is thinning or that they are going bald. It’s common for guys to have to deal with this issue. Balding is one of the most prominent forms of age but there are a few options you you can consider when choosing a hairstyle. If your hair is only thinning slightly you can layer your hair and comb it to one side. This gives your hair added texture and makes it look fuller. Alternately, your hair might be so thin that it’s noticeable. However, it will be less noticeable if it’s shorter. I recommend that you get a close shave and don’t forget, shaving also encourages hair growth. One other possibility might be to consider getting a hair transplant for men. Through a hair transplant in a couple of months, your hair will be thick enough to style again. It’s an expensive procedure but one that is worth considering if you feel self conscious.

Grey Hair

Another issue to think about when choosing your hairstyle is grey hair. If your hair is greying noticeably in your twenties and or early thirties, you may want to consider dying it. But remember, dying your hair weakens it and leads to the chance of increasing hair loss. You’ll have to ask yourself what’s worse. Grey hair or no hair? You shouldn’t worry too much about grey hair as a lot of women find it quite attractive on a man.

Head Shape

If you have quite a large head or your head is an oblong shape, you might want to grow your hair out. That way you can hide the shape and it looks far more attractive. Typically, shaved heads only look good if the head is quite round. For people with long faces, it’s better to have average length hair. You can see this when looking at the celeb head shapes and how they style their hair.

Picking A Celeb Cut

Finally, you may think about taking your hairstyle from the cue of a celeb. Just remember not to copy their hairstyle exactly. Some celebs are able to pull off more extreme looks that would appear quite ridiculous on the typical individual.

A Beginners Guide to Tattooing

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If you have never before gotten a tattoo, you probably have many different questions about the process. This guide is here to provide the answers to many of the most common questions of those new to the world of tattooing.

Does a Tattoo Hurt?

Whether or not a tattoo hurts depends on many factors, including the individual’s sensitivity to pain, the location of the tattoo, its size, etc. Some people say that tattoos do hurt in some spots but not in other areas. Some people say they hurt no matter what and even still there are people that say they feel no pain at all. It is definitely true that a tattoo will bring some sensations to your skin, so do prepare to feel pressure on the sin during a tattoo.

Is a Tattoo Safe?

As long as a tattoo is given by a licensed artist in a professional study that is clean and uses clean needles, a tattoo is 100% safe. It is essential that you take the time to find a tattoo artist and a tattoo studio that has a good reputation and a worthwhile name in the community.

What Kind of Design can I Get?

The wonderful thing about a tattoo is that it is a free process where the only thing holding you back is your mind. If you can think it, you can create it. The possibilities for a tattoo are completely endless. Sketch up a portrait of your child or your favorite musical artist. Put a tattoo in remembrance of someone special in your life. Get a tattoo that symbolizes what you believe in. the possibilities are endless!

How much does a Tattoo Cost?

Many factors affect the cost of a tattoo, including the size, the detail, the design and the location of placement on the body. Some tattoos cost a few hundred dollars or more, but again, all of these factors must be taken into account. If you want a tattoo that is really cheap, consider a temporary tattoo. Kid’s temporary tattoos as well as those for adults are lots of fun and they can be removed easily so there are no permanent marks on the body.

What should I do after I get a Tattoo?

You don’t need to make any lifestyle changes in order to accommodate a tattoo, but it is necessary that you follow all aftercare advice provided to you by the tattoo artist. Remember to keep your hands off of the tattoo as it heals because you don’t want to ruin the color or cause any type of infection.

Final Thoughts

Be careful because tattoos can become addictive quite fast. That is why you see so many people with many different tattoos on their body. It is a wonderful way to express yourself, your creativity and your inspiration and provide it for the world to see. These are some of the many questions about tattoos answered. Now, find your tat artist and let the fun artwork on your skin begin!

Budget Shopping at ShopBack #ShopBackPH

I’m a guy who likes collecting footwear whatever type it may be – boots, formal shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes, flip flops/sandals, and loafers. Being a metrosexual, I like fashion and believe that a man’s fashion sense shouldn’t just show on his clothes but should likewise extend in the shoes he wears. Although I shop both at physical and online stores, nowadays I shop more often online because I find it convenient, easier, faster, and more economical. I’ve purchased items from different online stores and Zalora is one of my favorites. I’ve shopped countless times from them and so far I’ve never had any problems.

 photo 6B4DE038-9D9C-4071-8475-40B16AE5AAD4_zpsd3hmk8nh.jpg

I recently bought this great-looking leather toe post sandals from their own Zalora brand for casual trips to the mall and elsewhere. This dark brown sandals feature an intertwined effect detail near the toe-post with a minimal sandal design. I like that it’s comfortable, stylish, durable, and affordable. Having said that, shopping can really put a hole in your pocket. Good thing there’re sites like ShopBack that offers coupons, discounts, and other freebies. They source the best deals and discounts for you on fashion, lifestyle, travel, and many more. They then give you up to 30% cashback on top of existing voucher codes and discounts when you shop online (through their site) at any of their 300+ merchant stores. Your cashback is unlimited which means that the more you spend, the more you earn your money back.

 photo shopback-philippines_zpsqwdgeoaz.jpg

I actually bought my new leather toe post sandals from Zalora through ShopBack. Using it is a breeze. You can head to the category you want – like the fashion one to see all the top fashion merchants. Just click the store you want to shop in or the voucher you want to use, then you’ll be redirected to the store of your choice. Once there, shop like you always do and make your purchase on the merchant’s website. You’ll see your cashback reflected on your ShopBack account within 24 to 48 hours. Simply repeat the whole process if you want to purchase more items. Shopping through ShopBack really does help me save some money which I can use with other things. It’s just amazing.


 photo neighborhood-x-three-buns-capsule-collection-1_zpsqmfxwjz4.jpg

We Asians, mostly us, loves to wear some of these collaborative or limited edition pieces from these brands and labels. That’s why no wonder why we Asians got the most quirky styling when it comes to our fashion sense and statements, look those Japanese who loves to wears colours most of the time. This recently, Ive got an emailed asking me to have this collection to be blog up here and with no hasitation, I happily respond back and let them be posted here for my readers to know on how this brand NEIGHBORHOOD really works for their collection.

Ironically, the other other party ( THREE BUNS ) that NEIGHBORHOOD had collaborated with isn’t a fashion brand or at least a label, at all. It’s just a restaurant, If I am not mistaken and still NEIGHBORHOOD had fond on collaborating with them and got these ” NEIGHBORHOOD x THREE BUNS Capsule Collection” ready for us dope guys. But I think, these pieces were all swag and street wear dapper will surely loves to wear them.

Save on Your Shopping with iPrice

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A lot of modern men are into fashion and nowadays they prefer online shopping over shopping in a brick and mortar store for several reasons. First, it’s more convenient because you don’t have to go out, you can just do your shopping at home or wherever you are. Second, it’s easier because all you have to do is buy the things you want with just a few clicks. Lastly, it’s faster since your parcels will be delivered right at your doorstep. Furthermore, the items you find are unique and are usually cheaper.

 photo coupon_zpsqn5epcly.png

If you’re very much into online shopping, there’s this website where you can save a lot on your purchases because they provide coupon and voucher codes and offer discounts. It’s called iPrice. They’re actually a global group with sites in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hongkong, Thailand, and Vietnam. They help you to find what you want and then they hand you over to their trusted e-commerce partners to actually buy those items. It’s a platform where you’ll find all that you need from the most trusted online stores in Asia. Their categories include the following: Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Watches, Jewellery, Kids and Toys, Sports and Outdoors, Home and Living, and Beauty.

 photo shop_zpsvbtgnrad.png

Fortunately, for shoppers in the Philippines, there’s iPrice Philippines. They offer the latest and best coupons, discounts, and voucher codes from popular online stores like Zalora, Lazada, Bebe, and Foxysales. All coupons are updated and active and expired coupons are marked “Recently Expired”. The deals are amazing and shoppers can get discounts of up to 80%. Another great thing about iPrice is that they don’t require any membership. Browse through the coupons and once you see the coupon you like to avail, click “Get this offer” and you will be directed to the online store. It’s that easy.