Moving into other place,do you consider it?

No doubt it, We Filipino are very talented indeed,  in every thing that most other nation want to achieve like whats Chinese  people most admire with us regarding with our capability to speak in English fluently( but not me) because we all know that even those no read no write of our  countrymen(just to emphasis ) are really can speak it too,  but i am not telling that our friend Chinese people aren’t know on how to speak in English, just to clear the air and avoid misunderstanding regarding this as i continue i just wanna ask why  most of our countrymen think to leave this country someday? yeah its given that all of us want a abundant  life and give a better life on our family but  actually if you Analise it this country can give as a lot of opportunities on our way but suddenly the selfishness will be first over the seek of many , i am talking with some of those person or group of people who leads us now and in following , yeah sad to say this is the reality that occurring nowadays  and i think we cant change that because maybe that will be on our political culture?? that’s why other choosing to use their profession to work on other country and get a better life , so i hope this coming election we vote that we think who can change all of these matter, because we really need a CHANGE , a change what other countries think bad about us , a change that they wont called us a slave of nation  anymore, a change that we are looking for in a long time , a change that can  unite each one of us, and a change to be a  better country

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