Compression Stockings

Stockings cant be use on fashion purposes only, but also on medical insight. Yeah, I know this stuff becuase of my sister who used to work as a holdem poker dealer on the casino’s near to us though. Because she got this aching legs so often that can push to her self to consult on our trusted family doctor. And she found out that her legs has this quite abnormality on it, that I wasn’t know what is the right medical term on that, so please bear with me here, anyways this wasn’t too seriously guys, so nothing to worry about. The doctor suggested my sister to wear this medical compression stockings to support her legs long time as he off to work, and I think this stocking was great indeed, becuase my sister wouldn’t feels this numbness on her legs at all as she worn this out. So you, I also suggesting this magical stocking if you were working liked on my sister work, becuase sooner you might get this problem as you pursue this kind of career.

Best Career Ever?

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When I was I child, rather when we’re all a child. One thing that we most telling to our playmates which that, what will you become as you grown up? Me, I often tells to my childhood friends that I want to be a doctor because doctor was the well known profession as often we knew, right? but when I got on the middle age( around 5th grade) I think, I wanted to be become a computer literate which taking up some computer courses soon as I become to collage, and yeah, I took up computer science when the time I’m on my collage days but I think this courses wasn’t me at all, I mean this was not really suits on my personality on what I wanted to do so often, that’s why maybe I decided to stopped for awhile and find my self out on what career that I will push through. And now I’m already 22 and earning quite good amount though and by this time. I really knew on what career that I will go through which mechanical engineering careers and by the next semester,I’ll definitely enroll my self for this course. Let see though on what will happen to me as soon as I studying the courses.


I am not a photographer but I do liked taking some pictures of my self though as long on other things and person. That’s why maybe I bought this awesome Canon EOS 500D for me then, actually I don’t know what should I buy at first becuase some people are keep on telling me that Nikon is the best one to buy, but others  told me then that I had to take a look on Canon as well, duh! I really don’t know. but as you can see I’ve been ended up on this Canon becuase I’d asked the seller opinion on what brand that will work on me. And she suggested me this Canon 500D which I think is right, becuase the camera was awesomely made for my needs.

Now, I am still learning on how this Camera will work well without using the auto shot feature of the camera, but all in all the camera is really great. By the way I bought it for only 38k or almost 800-900 usd at Sm photoline. And soon I’ll share some of my taken photos here for you to check my ability by taking picture out, hopefully all things will went good.

Reasons to visit China

Travelers are often considered Great wall of China as they great destination “EVER” because  they been seen a lot of beautiful scenery on it. Actually I don’t see the awesome place yet on my bear eyes, but I know as Ive seen it through photos liked what Ive been included on this post, you’ll definitely love the places as well liked I do that’s why I have this eagerness to visit the place pretty soon.

Not only the great wall of China that we may see on china as you visit the country. Becuase as far as I know, a lot of establishment are awesomely made as well, that we can take a look to. Me, I want to go shopping as I given a change to visit the country becuase a lot of cool clothes can be find to there.

Unexpected Google Updates?

We do all know that page rank is truly important for us all webmasters because it’s signifies on how important are blog is, and Mr. G is  the only one who can give us a page rank by each blog you owned by the way. Recently, Actually yesterday, Google dances a bit(updating) by dropping by some of my friends blogs, meaning Google is updating quite bit? and as far as I know,that was called “Minor Updates” based on those SEO Masters who really works of this kind. I am not a expert,but I would say that I can understand how this matter works, But let see if I can clearly explain it over here.

Page rank- this was the matter of monetizing i bet so. Because as you are a blogger who doesn’t care about earning at least a penny on your blog, you don’t probably care how this page rank working? because you’ll just want to share your rambling and thoughts,right? into your blog. While on my situation and to the majority population of bloggers out there, page rank is like an celebrities gossip that most people talking about so often because its contingent in away on how much we could earn to our blogs, because nowadays advertisers are looking to your “blog Stat” that they’ll may convince them to get you on their campaigns.

When Google update?

– Newbies are often asked this, but sorry to say, NO one knows! Yeah , I’m telling you Google was indeed unpredictable this passed year, because usually Google updates  within  3 months span after the last updates. But nowadays Google are too elusive by consistently updating not like before. And as Ive noticed it, Google only updating one “Major updates” a year and the rest dances are Minor updates only.(but I’m not sure though,let me update this as I found out if this real or not.)

How to have Google Rank?

There was a lot of ways that you may do to have this awesome page rank with you, but you have to be considering on what would you think is the best way for your end. Liked for example on my case,I usually do blog commenting than having some directories and social bookmarking stuff there because I know and practically saying that doing blog commenting its like you are hitting 2 birds in one stone by just visiting other blogs and leave your link out and at the time you can get the same favor to those blogs that you’ve done commenting. gets what I mean? sorry I am not good in explaining things out, so please bear with me.

BTW quality of blog is a MUST when you are doing the blog commenting,As long the blog that you about to comment with has this strong backlinks around Google and has this great page rank then. All things will be fine.

Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World

The 10 longest bridges in the world are engineering marvels. They allow people to safely get from one place to another more easily than if these bridges did not exist. In some cases, these bridges make this type of direct travel from one place to another possible at all.

Seven Mile Bridge

This bridge in Florida is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Strait. This Florida Keys Bridge links Key Vaca which is in the Middle Keys to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. It is actually referred to as the Overseas Highway and is one of the longest bridges in the US and the world.

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge

This bridge is located in California and is another US representative on the list of the world’s longest bridges. It links the San Francisco Peninsula to the East Bay to cross San Francisco Bay. The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge is owned by the state of California.

Confederation Bridge

This bridge in Canada crosses the Abergweit Passage located in the Northumberland Strait. It connects Price Edward Island with New Brunswick. This bridge has also been called the Fixed Link by many of the nearby residents.

Rio-Niteroi Bridge

This bridge finds its home in Brazil. As the name suggests, this bridge links Rio de Janeiro with Niteroi. Although the name listed above is the more common name, the official moniker of this bridge is the President Costa e Silva Bridge. It was given this name to honor the president of Brazil who was responsible for its construction.

Penang Bridge

This bridge is found in Malaysia and links Gelugor in Penang Island to Seberang Prai on the Malay Peninsula. This lengthy bridge is also connected to the Jelutong Expressway in Penang as well as the North-South Expressway in Prai. This bridge is 8.4 miles long and the longest so far on this list.

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Even longer than the Penang Bridge is the Vasco de Gama Bridge in Portugal. It is a cable bridge that crosses the Tagus River. How much longer is this than the Penang Bridge? The Vasco de Gama Bridge is a remarkable 10.7 miles long.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

This bridge in Maryland is officially known as the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge. It was named after the governor of Maryland who was responsible for its construction.

King Fahd Causeway

You will find this bridge in Saudi Arabia linking Khobar with Bahrain. The King Fahd Causeway is a dike-bridge.

Donghai Bridge

The Donghai Bridge in China is known for being the longest bridge in the world that crosses a sea. Its length is an astounding 20.2 miles. It links Yangshan Port to Shanghai.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

This bridge is located in Louisiana is comprised of two bridges that run parallel to each other. Combined, the two bridges measure 23.87 miles in length. This bridge links Metairie in the south and Mandeville in the north. It is definitely the longest bridge here and makes you wonder just how much longer a bridge can get.

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I’m too late by updating this main blog of mine, because something happened to me then, rather on my lap top because recently I got some viruses on it that can hold my lap top to hard that is why I can’t able to use it though, now the lap top is fine and all things worked properly because ive been reformated it lready and I hope this may not happen again because I’m quite stressed when I’ve got this freaking viruses with me. Okay now I’ll be able to update this today by this quite frustration post,at least I can do such update now because I think this coming days I won’t able o update thi out due with some jobs that I needed to attended with,alright then that’s it for now and god bless all, I’m too sleepy as well,so I’ll better to end this up..thanks 🙂