I am not a photographer but I do liked taking some pictures of my self though as long on other things and person. That’s why maybe I bought this awesome Canon EOS 500D for me then, actually I don’t know what should I buy at first becuase some people are keep on telling me that Nikon is the best one to buy, but others  told me then that I had to take a look on Canon as well, duh! I really don’t know. but as you can see I’ve been ended up on this Canon becuase I’d asked the seller opinion on what brand that will work on me. And she suggested me this Canon 500D which I think is right, becuase the camera was awesomely made for my needs.

Now, I am still learning on how this Camera will work well without using the auto shot feature of the camera, but all in all the camera is really great. By the way I bought it for only 38k or almost 800-900 usd at Sm photoline. And soon I’ll share some of my taken photos here for you to check my ability by taking picture out, hopefully all things will went good.

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