Travel In Style: A Quick Guide For Men

It’s likely that many of us are going on exotic summer vacations in the not so distant future. There is no better feeling that getting on a plane to discover new destinations for a week or two. But the journey to these fabulous places can often be ruined by our style choices. Clothing that is too tight or restricting can make a long haul flight seriously uncomfortable. Therefore, smart travel clothing is essential. Comfort needs to be a priority when traveling, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Use this guide to help you get prepared to travel in style when going on vacation.



Slip-on footwear is a must

Many airports around the world are asking for travelers to remove their shoes as they walk through security scanners. This can be incredibly inconvenient if you have shoes with laces such as brogues or plimsolls. This is why slip on footwear is an absolute must when traveling. Not only do they make getting through airport security a breeze, but they also look good with virtually any outfit. They also allow you to take your shoes off with minimum effort while onboard the aircraft. You can find some stylish and comfortable options at Vans Shoes and Tommy Hilfiger. Stick to black or navy for a classic look or go for a bolder color if you want to stand out.

Layering is essential

Layering can add both style and comfort to an outfit while also being highly practical. A white t-shirt is a fantastic base garment that you can add a number of items to. From bomber jackets, cardigans and even other t-shirts, there is a wealth of layering possibilities. You need to carefully consider the location you are starting in and your vacation destination. This should help you decide whether you need to wear light or warmer items of clothing. Try not to add too many layers as this can raise your temperature while also restricting movement. Choose loose fitting layers that are easy to take off and move around in.



Don’t forget your sunglasses

Sunglasses are a crucial item that every fashion conscious traveler must have. They can instantly make your outfit look more stylish while also being a practical accessory. You can use them to block the glare from the windows when on the plane or at the airport. This can protect your eyes while also making it easier to fall asleep during long flights. Plus having them with you on the plane means you can put them on as soon as you arrive. Choose a pair of clubmaster frames for an up to date look or go for a retro aviator style instead. Always choose glasses that suit your face shape and that fit comfortably on your face.

With these tips you can enjoy your flight to exciting locations around the world and still look your very best. It’s not unheard of for well-dressed travelers to get upgraded seats to business class. So try your luck, make an effort and always feel comfortable in your clothing.

Different Types of T-Shirts for Men

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Did you know that when it comes to men’s fashion there’s also some selection to choose from. Yes! even for a single t-shirts we can have some style on to pick it up like for example there’s specific shirts for formal and casual wear and at the same time there’s also a tees for the normal or daily wear that usual teens would like to pull off.

Men’s fashion is kind huge today unlike before where fashion finds for men are really limited where men can only settled down with their basic tees and pair it up with their old blue jeans and kicks. Good thing that men on this generation are open minded where they could consider some of the fashion finds that has a colors to it which can gives variants and colors on the total outfit you’d trying to pull off. Speaking of colors, as for this summer season, men’s should consider having some neon colors on heir style because these bright colors are ones in trend hence they’re definitely one to be consider as you wanted yourself to be dope as others. No worries, because we have many Types Of T-Shirt Necklines in colors that we could choose from with. Just check your fave stores for details because I knew mostly of the brands today are into this kind of trendy pieces already hence your fave brand has it on already.

 photo 7543396db6f58422caaaefb1f165a932_zpsrdlmidau.jpg

For the lazy rats out there like myself who haven’t got any time to go out and have our new t-shirts on. I just suggest you then to do T-Shirts Online Shopping as this was the most convenience for. Yes! I did this often as I dont get any time then to go on with any mall’s nearby.

rode podcaster

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The Easiest Ways To Save Money On Style

Looking great can sometimes feel like an expensive business. It’s no longer just about investing in wardrobe staples and fresh outfits for special occasions. Many of our style routines now include skin care, hair styles, regular trims and more. But looking great at all times doesn’t have to break the bank. By shopping intelligently and developing your styling skill set, you can look a million dollars for only a fraction of the price! If you’re looking to keep costs down while still looking fresh and stylish, read on for some easy tips.

 photo bow-tie-businessman-fashion-man-large_zpsztdfv4rw.jpg

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Do It Yourself

There are a lot of things we can do in the comfort of our own home that are cost-effective. They’re also relaxing and can be a great part of our getting ready routine. Instead of going to the barber, for example, why not get online and learn a few styles yourself? With hair clippers by Wahl or another reliable brand, you can achieve a professional effect for a minimal price. If your skin is looking dull or congested don’t despair. Before you splash out on a facial or a dermatologist, see what you can do from home. Facial treatments are becoming more popular with men but they can soon add up as you are often paying for the full experience of a spa. Assess your skin type and invest in brands you can use at home. Are you oily or dry? A bit of both? Spot prone or sensitive? Have your skin type in mind when you shop for specially formulated cleansers or moisturisers. Even if you’re not into the fancier steps, a good cleansing routine can make all the difference to the youth and freshness of your skin. If your hair and skin look clean and presentable, you will look instantly stylish no matter what the outfit.

Shop Your Own Wardrobe

The feeling that we have nothing to wear isn’t only experienced by women! We might have drawers and wardrobes filled with clothes but nothing grabs us any more. It’s time to refresh. Take a methodical approach and look carefully at what you own. Make lists if necessary and even sort into piles of “keep”, “store”, and “donate or bin”. If you haven’t worn something for several months then ask yourself why not. Is it no longer your style? Does it no longer fit? Has it fallen into disrepair? Whatever the reason, be honest. If your wardrobe is genuinely full of things that you can’t or wouldn’t wear, then it’s no wonder you’re struggling! But more often than not, you will be amazed how many great items you discover. After the initial effort, things will become easier on a daily basis. You’ll have a better idea what you have to wear for both smart and casual occasions. You are far less likely to shop and overspend if you are aware what you own and can make it work for you. Many of us find that we buy similar items time and again because we have forgotten what we own! Don’t make the same mistake. Know your wardrobe and “shop” it regularly to make it work for you.

Casio G-SHOCK GA-120TR Tricolor Series

 photo casio-g-shock-ga-120tr-tricolor-series-1_zpsyzbcsflu.jpg

G-SHOCK, your one of the all time favourite watch band by the teens and young at hearts was yet released another selection of new sett of watched for this year 2016 and they’ve called it as Casio G-SHOCK GA-120TR Tricolor Series. Yes! as you can see the whole set of watches are came in three different colors: white, red and black were the most dominant colors for summer season, I think so. These watches are for the sporty folks who used to loved any sports and at the same time wanting themselves to be fashionable still, as well these wrist candy can be perfectly fits as well for those students as they daily watch to check.

Actually, G-shock is one of my fave watch as I am teen but eventually as I gets older choosing a watch is most considerable for me as I need to cooperate the right accessories on the right outfit am trying to pull off. But overall, G-shock watches are worth to have though mostly of their piece are quite expensive to have, especially those limited edition.

As Ive heard, these watches are already out in the market and has a market price of ¥15,000 JPY (approximately $133 USD) that you can avail in any mall’s affiliated stores even on the brand’s main online store. No worries, both online and mortar stores has the same price in this as G-shock is pretty has restriction on the pricing matters all over their shops and affiliated.

UNDEFEATED x Champion 2016 Spring/Summer Capsule Collection

 photo undefeated-champion-2016-spring-summer-capsule-collection-1_zpsty1gm159.jpg

One of the best street wear brand that I know was this UNDEFEATED. Because a lot of fashion icons even international celebrities are keep on wearing the brand even on their daily wear, it means this brand is pretty board as for its market strategies.

As for my personal fashion sense, I really like to have this basic shirt and still you can see the dopeness in it like what mostly UNDEFEATED pieces are, that’s why no doubt why mostly men are prefers this brand more than to the other available street wear brands out the in market today.

 photo undefeated-champion-2016-spring-summer-capsule-collection-2_zps9b8udzdi.jpg

Recently, the brand UNDEFEATED had teamed up with the one great brand called Champion for their both collaborative collection for spring and summer collection. They came up having 3 basic tees that ends to the color white, grey and black which the masculine colors, as well for the sweat short.

Both brand is retailing the t shirt for 5,500 JPY while the short is 8,000 JPY , receptively. Though, it is quite expensive to have but am telling you these pieces were a good deals as they lasted for some good years already thus it’s better if you have those in your closet.

These pieces were now available online. Just check each brand’s main online shops for further details about this and for your to learn more about the collection.

Flowers in NYC

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Having your mum birthday’s soon? And haven’t yet any gift ideas? well, I think the best thing to give out was a flowers in NYC. Because these flowers are pretty bloomed already as a mum is are creative by nature they more probably like it more than those material things that can just be useless as time goes by.

Flowers can be a great accentual as well at home and you either put it up on the nicely made base then place in on your bed room too that can gives a great mood not just for yourself but also in the people who sees it as decorative on your own home. Also, flowers can help you to have a clean air to breathe as the plant intend or natural function that way hence it does right for us to have any flowers hanging not just for your garden alone but also inside your humble home.