Men’s Cardigan

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I was roaming awhile ago in some online stores that I used to check often. And Ive seen this awesome cardigan for men that can really caught my attention. Because we all know folks that cardigans are usually wore by those hot chic there but it is actually for me too, like what you are seeing on the photo on top.

Yeah- Cardigan for men are still hip on today’s fashion, however, not all men I think can wore this out because it still depends on your body frame and type. what I meant was, this cardigan aren’t that suits for everyone who wants to wear it. Because I think only those skinny guy can work on this pieces( usually) but it doesn’t mean that if you have this quite bulky bods this cant do for you because theres also some potato couch one who can looks perfectly on this piece.

Know your self first if you have this geek style on fashion. I think this may suits on you!

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