Precious Signet Rings at Rebus

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For those who do not have any idea what a signet ring is, it is a finger ring containing a small seal, one’s initial, or the like. Wearing one goes back to ancient Egypt and is used to prove the authority of its bearer and has also been seen as a symbol of power. In modern times, they are made by intaglio engraving in metal and semiprecious gems and are often used as souvenir or membership piece, an example of which is a class ring.

Rebus provides superior precious metal engraving of signet rings for over 40 years and continues its high standards. They have a team of in-house expert hand engravers whose motto is to manufacture excellent hand engraving by using traditional hand engraving tools and die stamped signet ring blanks. Buyers can shop by category such as Oxford Oval Extra Heavy Weight Signet Ring, Oxford Oval Heavy Weight Signet Ring, Cushion Signet Ring, Landscape Oval Signet Rings, Silver Signet Rings, Cufflinkgs, Pendants, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

Wearing engraved Men’s Gold Signet Rings at Rebus is a means of making a bold statement and at the same time channeling a classic English legacy. Nowadays, anyone can wear men’s gold signet rings and somewhat wear their personal identity on their finger. They come in different styles, the most popular of which is the classic Oxford Oval. They also come in various colors like classic yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. All can be personalized according to your preference and taste and would be a nice fashion accessory or even a gift.

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