The secret behind men’s titanium wedding bands’ stylishness

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There was a time when jewelry meant ornaments made of silver, gold or diamond. Times have changed and several other metals have challenged the hegemony of these three traditional metals over jewelry world. Of the non-traditional metals, titanium has come up strongly as a stylish choice in men’s wedding bands. The stylish secret about men’s titanium wedding bands is basically their luster and tremendous strength. Color choices and styles available in titanium weddings bands are seldom available in other metals.

Style is the basic reason why men should opt for titanium as their wedding bands. Gone are the days when men were supposed to be wearing simple ornaments if any. It was more of a matter of choice rather than fashion. Titanium has provided men with that choice and now they can choose from among various different styles. A number of color options are available in men’s titanium wedding bands, out of which double toned bands with black and silver color, are among the most popular. But titanium bands are not limited to these two colors only. Some of them have carbon fiber and black cable insets.

Another very important quality which lends style to titanium wedding bands is the brilliant luster and shine of the metal. This brilliant luster and shine is almost permanent because titanium never requires any re-plating and can be easily polished and brought back to its original luster at home. There is absolutely no need to take your wedding bands to the jeweler for professional polishing because you can do the polishing at home with the help of a sanitizer and a dish washing pad like Scotch Brite.

Lustrous and shiny titanium wedding bands can be adorned with several other things to add to the beauty of the bands. Some titanium bands are encircled entirely by abalone inlay. Natural abalone has incrustations on its shell which provides an iridescent of colors which could be seen when the light refracts in the crystallized layers. There are many other inlay designs which are mostly crafted by hand. Other inlay, for example carbon fiber, lies beneath a centerpiece which is strongly mineralized. It doesn’t only enhance the glimmering facets of the inlay, but also provides with a transitional surface between the centerpiece and the titanium band. This innovatively mineralized layer is superbly durable and is similar to those mineralized layers which are found on expensive watches. These are just some of the ways in which titanium wedding bands are stylishly designed. These stylish designs bring titanium bands at par with other precious metals like gold, platinum and diamond. This website has hundreds of styles from what I saw. Gold, platinum, tungsten & more.

It isn’t all about style when we talk about men’s titanium wedding bands, there is a lot of substance to it as well which makes these styles and designs possible in the first place. Besides being stronger than platinum, bend and dent resistant, titanium wedding bands for men are much cheaper than white gold and platinum which are their costly counterparts. Without compromising on style, luster and color, you can now purchase something much cheaper than other precious metals.

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