TRIWA 2013 Spring/Summer Sunglasses Collection

 photo triwa-2013-spring-summer-sunglasses-collection-9_zpsbb5b68a5.jpg

 photo triwa-2013-spring-summer-sunglasses-collection-5_zpsdb28352b.jpg

 photo triwa-2013-spring-summer-sunglasses-collection-1_zpse2ba98b9.jpg

Summer season is coming or already on your country, I dunno.. And as this hot season comes. I know most of you are changing your regimens or daily routines for you to make yourself presentable like for example the beauty products that you’d always put on your face, you might then consider adding some products that has an SPF on it for you to have this protection against on the sun hits, also on your way to dress up or clothes, you might prefer wearing these light clothes like tank tops, shirt basics and such related. Yeah! as season change we people have to change too for us to adapt the environment itself.

Recently, the brand TRIWA had released their spring summer sunglasses collection through postcard printing as an preparation on this season. And I must say, all their sunglasses includes on this collection are looking so fashionable and it never fails you to make hip on today’s fashion.. Look the collection’s sunglasses on the top photos.. and you may buy them now over online through the brand’s TRIWA online shop. Heads up Google and search over their online shop yourself for you to see further details about this collection. Because I cant include their link up in here because this post is supposed to be an “clean link post”, alright, that’s it for now and please keep on visiting me here for more fashion collections updates. Thanks!

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