How to have a bunch of tasks in any Paid Post Companies?

Just want to make this as helpful as i can and please bear with it because these are only my personal thoughts about the topic on how to have a bunch of tasks in any paid post companies, yeah im talking in universal not only in just one program but ALL, because i believe these tips that i will posted below are must to DO to have much offers to those paid post companies..hehe

1, you’ll  have to blog first such quality and unique content because advertisers want to see if you really can write such topics without payment intact on it..because in some way advertisers wont want you to blog about their products instead they allow you to do your personal thing which called “freeform”

2,having a great traffic which you can have by blog hopping and link building way, want a example? commenting blogging and submitting your site in any social bookmarking sites,free directories, and even those share story site must do..

3,of course if you did the step 2 tips, as Google update our page rank you’ll definitely have a great page rank its depend though on how many links do you spread around the search engine

4,and i think having any advertisement on your blog like text advertisement and pop-up ads is a big NO NO to those paid post companies because they just want a clean blogging appearances, so please dont attempt it so, anyways these are my only thoughts and insight but still you can choose what to do on your own

5, as you made any paid post to your blog you see to it that you can either post such unique one without any linked site on it, so that advertisers will see that you’ll keeping updating your blog..

so yeah i think these are only the must do things to have a bunch of task in any paid post companies..:) thanks

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