Planning to buy a new set of TV

I do have TV on my room, but yet still I was thinking to have a new set of TV, I was referred to the one that has videoke and sound system because I used to sing often today. LOL though I am not that singer type but of course practicing can lead you to the better place.hahah Nope I just kidding though don’t take it seriously. Anyway, this TVee Model 25 sound system is the one that I really looking forward to. Because Ive heard that this sound system had this every quality of sounds and it has a lot of features that I may use as a whole as I’m singing my stuff on. I really pleased. That’s it!

Okay, I think I need to check on this on the dept store they might have this kind of sound system or better yet will ask my parents where they were think we could buy this off. If there’s no such sound system here, I might call my sister and ask to please check this product to their stores( I mean some stores where she’s resided) they might have this there. Okay, that’s it and will be then update you as I bought this. thanks folks for reading though.

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