thankfully to the network “theadnetwork”

2010 is about to end now and let me thank to this blog this program who’s has been considered me (my other blogs) to their network that its why i can still support my online expenses by this time though i am not intact in any paid post right now but yet still im looking forward into that as Google gave me a great green juices soon, hopefully, yeah im to thankfully on the network called theadnetwork because they do pay me every month by just putting out their 3 banners ads on my post and i think they are a great program that Ive been work with as for to day because they doesn’t need any traffic who will driven on their banners as long the banner is still live and kicking you’ll definitely get your payment as the month will end, sounded awesome right? yeah it is thats why im so glade that i found this network and i hope they’ll approved this blog then as i resubmit it again next week, crosses finger to me.LOL

by the way im hoping that payu2blog will consider this blog as well by next year because they keep on telling me that they cant take this blog today and they might approve it as well soon..dang what the criteria that they been looking for to a blog? could someone tell me? im dead and lack of ideas on what this brokers needed of, ok let see soon if i got this blog to get in on the program..LOL

note: this is not a paid post or any sponsorship post..

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