Fashion Business


Since I were into fashion and I’d wanted to built or put up an business. I think, business for fashion is really suits in me. Because I can enjoy my self out by doing it so and at the same time I’m earning that much.

My plan was, is to sell my old clothes like on what the thrifted stores did. And also, if I’d got some enough money then I will be then sell some branded clothes that I assure that all peeps will love to have. However, before that, I think I needed to have this POS Hardware that can help me to know what are the prices of each item I sell easily. And it also help on the inventory matter..

Okay, that’s it and will update you soon about it as I’ve got my business store already..:)


Indian inspired jewelry



While I was searching for those new pieces this year,2012, these Indian inspired jewelries had been lead on the search result. I dunno if these pieces were the one that will be trend or already trend on the jewelry industry today but I must say, these pieces are indeed great and too dope to have.

And other good things of these pieces is, they’re all handmade and they wont uses some expensive stones but instead they made off some cheap materials, like sea shells, silver and some copper.. And still, the quality I must say, is perfect and can be on the international market. At this time, I dunno how much they are, but you could search online for these and I am pretty sure you may find some online stores who’re selling these kind of jewelry..

Okay, that’s it for now and I will update you more on what are the trendy jewelry this coming per season.. thank ya’ll and have a great day ahead…

Fashionable Vintage Bike


I’d loved something fashionable whether it’s clothes,kicks and anything that are looks dope with me. This recently, while I am searching some stuff over Google Ive found this awesome vintage fashion bike that can really caught my attention. Because this was my first time then to see such awesomeness bike like this, though there were some bikes in here that are good looking one but yet still this bike is way different to those usual one.

I know most people rather those fashion enthusiasts out there are looking forward to have some quirky things that they may use on their daily lives. And I think this bike is way great to have,isn’t it? however, as you have this bike on, you’ll be needed to have this suv bike racks that can support your bike as you traveling using a car. Because this can hold the bike properly and we can avoid some accidents maybe happen to it.

Me, personally, I was looking forward to have this kind of bike but bad thing I don’t have enough money to spend though but whenever I’d got some bucks then pretty soon I will also consider my self having one of this bike. I will make you updated as I got mine soon. 🙂

Information About Watches

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There are a lot of good activities in the world, but I like big Watches most, the founders of the original Swiss pocket-knife. For really long time since you had to watch someone Wenger & works also now. They are very easy to read, affordable, and holds up against a lot of water and bangs. After so long, I have never experienced a watch that looks so new. When you buy a Wenger, it means you never have to buy a new watch.

Black invicta Watch

I can highly recommend this watch, especially the Women’s Watches in the category. I bought a invicta watch for Christmas a while ago to one that I like very much. He loves it and get so many nice words whenever he uses it. Cruel clock for the price and it can be used, in principle at any time. It has perfect weight, not too heavy solid non too easy either, so you forget it. Invicta watch has a classic layout mixed with a little more sporty side. I highly recommend this strongly, and you will not be disappointed.

big watches Used As An Attractive Accessory

Time on big watches as a fashion accessory goes all the way back to the very first watches sold throughout France 1574th The va more like a round ornament than a watch and was very classy and expensive. There were not many people who could afford one. If you were lucky enough to have someone watch, huh limited for those higher classes, where were you treated with much respect. Otherwise, very often, people who had robbed watches it.

Bell from Wenger is very popular

Take your sea exploration to the next level with this Wenger watch, which can withstand very deep water up to 1000 m. The sturdy, round-shaped Wenger watch offers brushed and polished surfaces, and it topped out a black, rotating frame with a time stamp and a brilliant marker at full time. The pelvic blackboard supplemented with a mix of luminous dotted and Arabic numerals marker.

big watches, Not only to see the time

Watch has existed for centuries and their default intention is to keep track of time. But at the same time the clocks changed and these wrist gadgets used now, except to show time, but also as a fully accepted accessory for fashion-oriented men and women. This means that the clock is a multi-page thing that also deserves to be tested without fail. Wenger watch is incredibly attractive and are used daily to only their image.

Christmas Deals on

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On my very recent post, I’ve been told you about the one site that’s gives some great deals using an voucher codes and stuff. And now, I was about again to tell you this site,, same company that gives awesome deals for everyday living. This kind of site is really helpful for us all because we can get all we needs not just on the very reasonable prices but also in same quality that has on the regular prices of product, no doubt, that’s why this voucher site is now gaining of attention to talk about in social media sites these days often. Such as, Facebook,twitter, and even on tumblr. Really great!

Christmas is near approaching. And I know most of you folks are getting ready on what gifts should you give on your love ones and each member of the family,right? no worries, because vouchers is also a great way to give on the person you’d wanted to receive a present from you, I think this was the great gift for the Christmas, isn’t it?


Want blackberry bold

Recently, my phone got broke and I dunno how I can have or change it at least into the same unit and brand. However, I just thought what if, if I’ll buy this blackberry bold instead? Because blackberry is way good to any other unit of photo that has the same feature,right? Because on this phone,blackberry, I can then able to connect to the Internet whenever I am.

Im too excited to have an new phone. Let see if I’ll have soon.

Best anniversary gift

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What is the best anniversary gift for him? I know that was the question roaming to your head these days. Because your anniversary is coming over and dunno what you should give for him? I know right? that’s why I’m here to help you a bit on what a man would like often to get as this occasion comes.

We man likes to have watches, if the girl’s best friend was the diamond then watches is the man best friend. That’s why if you were planning to give your better half a gift watch is the best pick. I wasn’t wrong for this because me personally, I wanted to have an watch as for anniversary gift.

fashionable car, the Gucci Car

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Fashion is everywhere. Yeah! it is, look, there were an Gucci fashion car today that recently released by the brand it self and been affiliated to the car company that I cant tell it now. however, as I heard this car was only available on UK? but not sure though because I’m still searching a further information about it and soon of course will surely update you on this. Meanwhile, let me finish this of and will then try to check some blogs that had been blogged this already to get at least some important additional information for your sake as you wanted to know a further info on this awesome car. Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks

I need a Wii

I am not used to play online either on the family play games. However, as I heard about this wii games I think I needed to try its games. Because of the benefits that I can maybe get on it though. Wii games aren’t that usual one becuase wii games make sure that you can move your whole body as your play their games as long you can exercise your body at the same time, which pretty much good,right? becuase you can enjoy your self out and at the same time you’ll got an healthy lifestyle and body. That’s most importantly.